I woke up with one sock removed...
And I was just laying on the sock.

It's so bizarre because I'd never consciously do something like that.

To remove ONE sock??

I pretty much dislike being sockless.

I woke up above the covers too which never happens.
So weird OMG!
Some pervert must have snuck in and used your sock to wank off with.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
sorry darling i slipped a little something in your wine , you know how i feel about feet and toes its like visiting a fancy delicatessen i need to taste each one
(09-16-2019, 09:15 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: Some pervert must have snuck in and used your sock to wank off with.
alien wanker, abduction gone wrong!
my dog tends to eat socks in the night , but you are dogless and i don't think a cat would tug a sock right off a human

Nice one!!!
The very few times I've ever gone to sleep with socks on, I can remember
waking up several of those times with one sock off and even both socks off.

Moving around while asleep/half-asleep, we do things. Haha.
I can't even sleep without socks on. Unless it's really hot or something.

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