Time travel has already been achieved
By the US gov't, at least.

I posted some some of the videos below for MO a while back - after she expressed interest in Andrew Basiago, a childhood time traveler working for the US gov't in the early 70's.

I think it's just so fascinating... because it shows that there really are no limits to what we can do.


Andrew Basiago claims that time travel and worm-hole teleportation has been achieved by the US gov't, and did so by at least the early 1970's.

And he also cites the works and experiments of Nikola Tesla as fundamental for that.

By and large.... Basiago's story is like........... totally epic.

Like... literally..

His story is an "epic", in the literal sense.

It's just so epic! :D

Like a great odyssey.

SO MUCH information.

So many experiences, that he has put together from nearly two decades of remembering his experiences in time travel... teleportation.... and teleportation to MARS

It gives one a pretty good picture of the advancements made in secret black projects and stuff.

Like.... total time travel and teleportation..... and literal colonies on Mars.

: /

There is so much I have gathered about this stuff. So much to share :/

Like -

The song "Oops I did it again"???? By Britney Spears?

It's about human colonies on Mars.

Andre Basiago says that humans (us) have *underground* dwellings on Mars....... and that we can traverse the surface of Mars without any kinda of protection at all.

We can wear street clothes on Mars, and the sky is blue on Mars.

And that we can breathe on Mars......

He says that the atmosphere is much like that of a climate here on Earth at high elevation.

Kind of thinner air, but definitely breathable.

And in the music video for "Oops I did it again".... you see this NASA astronaut wondering around on Mars...... and he stumbles upon that rock thing with Britney Spears on it..... and then you see Spears emerging from the Martian underground..... wearing no space suit at all......

EXACTLY like how Basiago describes how humans experience Mars...... that we tend to live in underground dwellings, and that we can breathe and wear street clothes on Mars.

Also... in some parts of the music video, you can actually see trees.

Basiago also has said that there is some vegetation on Mars.

Also - During the chorus of that music video - you see Britney Spears wearing white clothing, and laying on top of an eight-pointed star.

..... That symbolizes a "star gate".

And 8 symbolically represents the transition from the earth to the heavens. They are totally telling us that we teleport to Mars using a "star gate".

Vid -


And here is a photo of some *native* Martians - they are humans just like us, are thought to be ancestors of Earth humans who have made it to Mars in the distant past.

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/LBdzylp.jpg]

And here is a photo of Andrew Basiago standing as a kid what is said to be the only known photo of the1863 Gettysburg Address with Abraham Lincoln in it..... Basiago standing next to a being who seems to be pointing at Basiago's face! : l

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/tLciNoU.jpg]

And zoom in of the being -

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/w8cx589.jpg]

Photo w/o markings - https://imgur.com/tCK6mUd

And then there is this video..... which is of radio host Art Bell confirming Basiago's time travel teleportation experiences..... after Basiago told Art Bell that he had actually encountered Art Bell in his time travel experiences.... only on a different time line.

Basiago stated that he encountered Art Bell who was working as a technician on time travel technologies at an ITT facility in Nutely, New Jersey in 1971.

And while Art Bell didn't remember working on time travel technologies at ITT in Nutely, New Jersey in 1971......... he said that he did work for ITT....... in Nutley, New Jersey....... in 1971........... on secret NATO defense projects.

That no one knew about except a few close friends of his a very long time ago.

And then Basiago said that the reason for the timeline difference was that the night he met Art Bell, Basiago was being time traveled to correct his timeline, for Basiago was on a different timeline than the one he was originally on due to his activities in time travel...... and thus night he met Art Bell he was on a different time line.

I cut out the part of the Art Bell show in which this conversation occurred -

Before 5:00 they talk about Basiago not being on his original timeline due to his time travel activities..... which is background info for when Basiago informs Art Bell about Basiago meeting Art at 5:00.


And here are videos that I posted here on Sectual a while back.

Andrew D. Basiago 2 Nov 2013 (1 of 2) Project Pegasus and the Advent of Time Travel


Andrew D. Basiago 2 Nov 2013 (2 of 2) Project Pegasus and the Advent of Time Travel


Andrew D. Basiago 3 Nov 2013 (1 of 2) The Mars Project in US Time Travel History


Andrew D. Basiago 3 Nov 2013 (2 of 2) The Mars Project in US Time Travel History


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