It cracks me up every time I come home and see...
... Elvis greeting me at the door and Audrey tinking in from another room.

You know, I think these furry fuckers have the potential to be the funniest feline duo ever.

They need to polish their act, but they're still young yet.

Something tells me Boo and Tinky's routine will stand the test of time.
Life without cats would suck.
I've nickamed them the demolition crew, with Elvis starring as Doctor Destructo and Audrey playing his trusty sidekick, Devastatia.
(10-21-2019, 10:23 PM)Guest Wrote: Devastatia.

Lily, the neighbors' calico kitty, was out and about when I came home today. I tried to coax her onto the porch, with the goal of introducing her to Boo and Tinky; but she would only come to the foot of the porch steps. They only got to see her from the front window, where they enviously sat watching her sashay around outdoors in the cool autumn evening.
I like your kitty memoirs.
my kitty is fascinated by birds and even sits at the window chattering to them

last night I dreamed that my cat escaped because I leave door open

she ran for 50 feet then suddenly transformed into a little birdie and flew up to a telephone post

she then tried to fly down into some hedges but was suddenly grabbed by a falcon

this was all interspersed with dreams of me and various moolato women making out

what does it all mean I wonder ?
Elvis quickly outgrew his first litter box. He should win a medal for his shitting prowess.

Add a second cat, and you've got a log jam on your hands, Flo. Besides the overcrowding, they were kicking litter out of the box and tracking it all over the house. The litter was also too shallow, which caused urine clumps to stick to the bottom of the box, and they're a bitch to scrape off. To make matters worse, I travel for work and haven't been home long enough to scoop the litter box every day this week.

So I took a cue from a former roommate who had three cats and made one that solves all of those problems:

Just get a small Rubbermaid or similar tote at Walmart and cut a ten inch hole in the lid. Fill it halfway with litter.

Elvis was first to try it out. He was sitting there doing his duty with his head sticking out of the hole, while Audrey sat on top of the lid fucking with him.


I told you these two assholes are a great act.
Yeah I was gonna say, you gotta get a litter box with a lid to make sure they don't kick the litter out everywhere.

Pretty brilliant though, never heard of that before.
Elvis likes to escape through the pet door in the back door. I tried blocking it with cardboard and duct tape, and putting heavy objects in front of it, but he always manages to break out. I finally decided to screw a piece of plywood over it. Now he's sulking because he can't escape.

He lost his collar while escaping this time. The one he came with has a cheap breakaway clasp on it, which is sort of like why bother putting a collar on him? Fortunately I found the collar and tags. I went to the dollar store to get a better collar, but they only had more of the same. I'll have to get one at Walmart next time I'm near one, or at Petco next time I'm in town.

Meanwhile, the pink rose bush out front is blooming like mad after a few days of rain:
maybe get a duck also , 

or maybe a big fish 

I don't have room for a dolphin, but maybe the cats would enjoy spending quality time with a duck.  hmmm
I've recently for the first time witnessed what I can only account for as "loneliness" out of a cat. Like even when you're just in another part of the house (upstairs vs. downstairs) it's enough for the cat to get lonely. I've never heard of a needy cat before. But this one is spoiled and has ONLY received love and attention since kittenhood. So maybe that's why, I dunno, but it's weird. They say cats really don't want another cat around because they're territorial creatures but meh, I think it's necessary for them to not be alone. Or if you had a dog they got along with, same thing.
Cats can get separation anxiety when they get attached to a home and then go to a new one. They act out in the new home, which includes a lot of meowing and other unpleasant behavior. That's why I prefer to start with a freshly weaned kitten.

Adult cats don't communicate amongst each other with meows. The meowing is strictly to get human attention. Most cats are independent, and only meow when they have a legitimate need. Cats with separation anxiety meow when you go outside and leave them in.
(11-08-2019, 05:12 PM)Guest Wrote: Cats with separation anxiety meow when you go outside and leave them in.

This one's apparently got anxiety of the separation from humans...

Very un-catlike trait in my experience.


Well for the most part.
Cats just aren't typically needy as far as I know... I think it's gotta be rare. Maybe it has to do with the breed of cat? This one's a calico. Never had one of those before so that could be it.
I've seen it with all kinds, especially cats from a rescue shelter..
Another thing about Elvis and Audrey that cracks me up is how they go to jonesin' when I'm in the kitchen. They lie around the kitchen floor at strategic observation points, trying to act smooth. Sometimes Tinky can't hold back anymore and tries to climb the counter.

Tinky and Boo like to watch me clean the litter box. They probably think I'm daft for digging up things they think should stay buried.

Tinky always decides she needs to potty just as I'm ready to start scooping.

Boo always has to be the first to despoil the fresh, clean latrine when I'm done.

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