The Outer Limits - Review & Commentary

So in keeping with my Richard Thomas kick today I am going to start off a TOL devoted thread with his episode, "The New Breed"...

At one time it was on YouTube but doesn't appear to be available there anymore in english.

I'm watching on Amazon and the timestamps begin at the MGM intro.

Even though it's literally pointless to embed this Russian dubbed YouTube upload, I am going to do it anyway because the timestamps should still line up since they both start off at the same place...

So this episode, according to the synopsis, is about nanobots... at the time of writing, here is what exists in the database about "nanobots":

Not very much... there hasn't been much reference made to the topic here, but Rex/Leak Project is a good source of info as it pertains to nanotech, he's always talking about that kind of stuff so it would be useful to check out his YouTube channel for anyone who is interested in the topic.

0:18 it's just fucking insane how hot and sexy Richard Thomas is. I'm glad I never watched the Waltons and knew him as John-Boy. That just wouldn't be hot.

0:38 I mean just look at how fucking hot he is. It's honestly not even right.

0:58 his hair is really fucking great too.

2:11 I'm not behaving the way I should... what're you gonna do about it baby?! "Inject" me with some of your "nanoparticles"!?! Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!


4:16 nice onesie!

9:34 a WHOLE YEAR!? Party time! Excellent!

10:37 gah, look how SEXXXXXXXXY this motherfucker is, my God I can't even handle it... how am I just now finding out about this sexy motherfucker???

11:07 awe, I feel bad for this dude... it's so sad.

11:46 LOL, OMG, so depressing. Sooo depressing.

12:28 The Outer Limits really is a great show.

13:06 holy shit, wonder what's gonna happen?

13:37 oh shit! Now if only that was Richard instead. Like don't get me wrong, glasses is dude is hot AF too but.

13:46 that's the best TV sex scene I've ever seen! I feel dirty!

14:50 LOL.

17:00 I do think Richard has a great set of hands, they're nice and manly looking, they're thick.

Mmmmmmm God.

Makes me wanna bang so hard.

20:10 uuuuhhhh yeah, fuck you buddy LOL. The marriage would be off if he started pulling shit like that on me. I don't care how hard you can bang, I don't like people hassling me like that.

20:40 oh my God... you know what, on second thought. Yeeeah. Okay, I'll stay. I'll stay. It's worth it. I'll stay. Just wish you were Richard instead.

23:20 LMAO.

23:53 "I know they're not airborne, they're too heavy for that"... mmmmhmmmm.

25:20 what the fuck is this guy so upset about? Has he forgotten the position he was in before?? And he's all upset about growing gills? Get the fuck over it man. Has he forgotten he did this to himself?? Don't be threatening to Richard!!! He's the only one we wanna see getting violent with people!!!

26:46 bahahahahaha.

LMFAO oh my God.

That whole scene right there was so classic Twilight Zone/Outer Limits horror.

27:42 "So it's uh, pretty safe" lmfao riiiiiiiiight.

27:50 "stop short of doing any real harm" dear God, bless every single person involved in getting Richard Thomas to play these sadistic roles.

We are all so, so grateful.

29:08 oh no, no no no!!! I don't want Dr. Sexy to get in trouble for this!!! Pull it together, motherfucker!!!

30:15 oh my God man, this episode is some crazy shit.

30:40 I just don't get why they caused eyes in the back of his head.

31:20 oh that's just gonna piss the nanobots off.

32:36 dude I LOVE the way Richard moves. I'd love to see that guy walking up to me in a dark alleyway.

32:55 okay well... I'd say now he has reason to be pretty upset. 

But in the same token it's like... that guy was gonna have a totally fucking milktoast life, he was gonna get married, his wife was probably gonna get fat, and he was probably just gonna be unhappy anyway. Why not life an extraordinary life instead??

35:27 it's a NIGHTMARRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL come on man just embrace it.

36:00 dude I'd be running like hell and telling everyone. 

36:45 whatever this dude just needs to stop being a pussy and go live in the ocean somewhere.

39:05 dude man OMG just get the hell out of there.

41:58 "Oh... I'll miss the sex so much. I mean, YOU. I'll miss YOU so much!"

42:20 bahahahahahahaha oh shit. Where's this going???

OMG. Was it because he came in her?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
What a great episode bahahahahaha.
Outer Limits (1995) - "The Message"

I gotta say, the synopsis of this one sounds pretty hardcore.

Some shit about hearing alien distress messages through an implant.

1:30 this lady is super pretty.

1:40 LOL oh God.

2:40 wow dude holy shit.

Damn yo!

5:26 dude that lady is FINNNNNE.

6:12 aaawww, this is sad. I hope this lady figures out it's aliens soon!

7:33 fine FINE fine fine fine lady. Super gorgeous.

8:18 hold it together bitch, not in front of the kids!!!

9:27 OMG what the eff???


9:46 oh I'd totally fuck that dude.

10:10 aha! This guy's gonna crack this shit!!!!!!!!!!!

10:44 okay, let's bang, I'm sold, let's do it.

13:05 this is honestly a really good episode.

17:42 LOL this dude is the shit.

19:30 wow, holy shit.

20:16 USED TO WORK AT NASA!!! Fuck yeah baby!!!

23:14 you better leave that fucking thing alone dude, or I'd be breakin' it over your fuckin' face.

23:44 yeah, dude, please, fuckin' go.

He does have a nice body though.

24:40 I'd be leaving my husband for this guy in half a heartbeat.

27:30 uhhh, I doubt hubby's gonna react too well to this.

28:06 yeah, you're about to get left for a janitor... we're glad you understand.

33:25 what the fuck... is she gonna get all judgmental now or something??

Pretty good episode.

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