The X-Files (1993) - Review & Commentary
Season 1 - Episode 14 - "Genderbender"

This one sounds pretty stupid.

I'm just watching this one while I fall asleep.

2:10 "I don't even know your name" what a ho.

6:03 "Radar Love" roflmfaololol.

19:00 this is freaky. Just when I think I'm falling asleep it gets all weird and grabs my attention again.

19:50 damn if somebody was rubbing my hand like that I think I'd be ready to dance! LMAO! What the heck? So these people charm people by touching them or something? That's kind of interesting. Wonder if they'll explain it?

21:20 so creepy OMG! This is totally a creepy storyline!

27:00 they've got immortality or something.

30:00 dude OMG be careful with that... that's kinda rude.

31:20 wow this story is way better than I anticipated.

32:10 oh my God, this is HOT. Like WAY hot! Yeeow!

Whoa, I so did not expect this... it's hella creepy.

35:51 "the wild thing" ROFLMFAOOO... fucking love Mulder.
(10-26-2019, 05:26 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Another thing I keep forgetting to point out is that I don't like the way the background chatter in the show is startlingly 'surround sound'...

When they're out in public places or at their offices or whatever, the background voices sound like they're coming from all around and are sometimes enough to make you think somebody's talking in your own environment...

Really don't like that at all and wonder if it could be being used for some subconscious programming purposes.

It's always too fast to really note what they're saying, but that's only consciously... subconsciously, who knows?

I started to notice that the sound from my laptop seems to be confined to a small radius and when I move away it dissipates.

It's like the sound is in a bubble around the laptop.

With televisions the sound would travel for some distance.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I just wasn't aware that Mac desktops were equipped with surround sound...

Cuz I'm pretty sure they're not.

I've heard it happen with other shows/movies but it's absolutely the worst with X-Files, like they make the background noise extra loud on purpose or something.
I tried to search about the surround sound thingy and found these...
(10-27-2019, 02:03 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Season 1 - Episode 13 - "Beyond The Sea"

I gotta say though, the ending of this one was pretty fucking meh...

Pretty. Fucking. Meh.

She should have gone to see what the 'psychic' dude was gonna say the message was.

And maybe he would have never said, or it all would have been a load of bullshit...

But a true investigator would have found out either way.

I feel like the ending was a total copout... with Scully regurgitating the same taint answer her mom gave her upon asking whether her dad was proud of her.

Pft... sorry but "He was my father" or whatever they said, that isn't good enough.

He was mouthing something when she saw him at the beginning of the episode. I ain't a lip reader, maybe he was saying he was proud of her. No idea.

But her copout at the end was 100% attributed to her not being ready to REALLY believe.

Just saying.

I thought it was very, very meh.
Her mom's answer to her was total taint and it's really her fucking mom's fault...

She should have given a clear yes...

Whether it was true or not.

That would have put the shit to rest.

It was a taint answer and her mom should have done better.

"He was your father" or whatever isn't good enough, that's a shit answer.

Total garbage...

Just because somebody's your father doesn't mean they give a shit, what kinda rainbows and dolphins world did those fuckers come from??

"He was your father"??

Fuck you lady...

"Yes" was the correct answer...

"Of course honey, oh he was so proud!"

That was the correct answer and I get it's just a show and whatnot, but...

How it was handled in the end is really my true qualm with it...

For Scully to get all up in the airy-fairy feels instead of investigating psychic dude's last message...

It could have been left at she goes to see psychic dude get fried and he cops out on the message.

It could have been left at nothing...

But for Scully to regurgitate that bullshit answer...

Was that for the audience or something??

It would have been more helpful for the audience if her stupid mom had said "YES, OF COURSE" and nipped it in the fucking bud.

I'm just saying.
"Yes of course he was proud of you, he was your father" would have been LEAGUES better than just "he was your father"...

Fucking stupid non-answer.
I just hate emotionally retarded families/people...

They actually exist in real life and I bet they do stupid shit like that every day.

I guess that was the point of this aspect of the episode but damn...

For Scully to carry on the vicious cycle of emotional retardation, well that just sends the wrong message.
Season 1 - Episode 15 - "Lazarus"

I like the appearance of Scully's hair.

1:00 it SEEMS like they had great actors on this show, I really like the intensity of these roles... it even makes people who are probably really 'just decent' actors seem like great actors.

1:28 oh this dude's totally about to get killed.

1:38 LOL Scully's such a cool cucumber, not as cool as Mulder but still cool.

3:15 you've gotta love her for trying.

3:35 wow man this show is fucking chilling even when I dunno if it's meant to be.

6:00 so the consciousness of the other dude came back into this guy's body?? Um k.

Kinda stupid, but we'll go with it.

10:20 oh come on... what the fuck is going on here? This is kinda dumb y'all.

11:21 trippy thooouuuggghhhh. But all that really makes it good is Mulder's explanation/delivery.

17:47 oh man, what a story... she's the one who killed him. Of course he's gonna feel some type of way about that.

20:00 Scully's birthday, LOL that's a good one. Fucking brilliant actually.

21:30 Scully's pretty fucking annoying at times, gotta say.

28:18 that's pretty romantic, NGL.

33:30 whoa this dude had some kinda weird obsession with these people.

34:50 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

37:35 see how being smart even makes subpar looking dudes attractive??

40:50 God agents turn me on so fucking hard.

45:00 they leave this shit a little open ended sometimes don't they?? I don't have as much of an issue with this particular instance because I feel like if you've seen the episodes leading up to this one, and you can pick up the cues, then the meaning is very much implied.
Season 1 - Episode 16 - "Young At Heart"

8:50 what's up with this nasty disgusting football field?? It looks like a fucking swamp.

25:25 "She looks about 90" whoa whoa there buddy... she looks a solid 65, no more, no less.

27:40 so this episode is about genetic manipulation and reversing aging.


40:25 these two need to do the naked tango RIGHT now.
Season 1 - Episode 17 - "E.B.E."

1:35 God military dudes are so hot.

Gillian Anderson isn't a natural redhead.

15:07 "a dangerous path" yeah well what's new?

17:30 oooOoOoOooOooo... *hearteyes*

19:30 he goes out of his way here to say that the Gulf Breeze (Florida) sighting photos were a hoax.

22:30 IMDb says Gillian Anderson is 5'3" and Duchovny is 6'... he looks so much taller than her in this scene, so hot.

33:00 OMFG!!!

36:09 LOL @ the song they're listening to.

36:25 a UFO party... LOL. Sounds like a great place to meet dudes.

42:20 this dude's story is really interesting... he was only in 11 total episodes though.
Season 1 - Episode 18 - "Miracle Man"

0:58... what the fuck.

1:20 I'm not a rocket scientist or anything, but I'm pretty sure it would have been better to leave that one dead.

I notice Fox Mulder is always eating sunflower seeds. I wonder what the significance of that is.

Reading the mystical meanings of the sunflower, I can see why it would be relevant...

18:20 addresses the electromagnetic nature of the body.

26:50 it's definitely the scarred up dude's fault, but who knows how he does it.

He obviously puts it in the drinks they give out.

Sort of a stupid story TBH, not the greatest episode so far and I don't like the way they keep having him chase his sister like she's really there or something.

Even subpar episodes of the X-Files are better than most other shows.

41:20 bwahahahahahahaha, I knew they'd do this. Great twist!
I forgot to tell you about the time my laptop notified my that the camera was on and I hadn't even activated it. Then later on the brightness on my screen went all up, and since the room was dark I really noticed it.

My guess is, since I have duct tape over the camera, "they" thought that maybe it was too dark for the camera to pick up anything so they increased the screen brightness.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
That's FUUUUCKED up.
Season 1 - Episode 19 - "Shapes"

0:20 oh I'm already not into this one.

2:40 but I will say this, X-Files is one of the only opening credit/theme sequences I don't skip because I super love the theme song itself. It enhances the overall experience of the episode.

4:50 this fella's pretty damn fuckin' fine... Ty Miller.

11:55 let me guess, werewolf.

12:30 this is definitely a totally ridiculous plot, I've always been annoyed by the whole werewolves and vampires thing.

19:15 definitely the worst episode of the X-Files.

19:30 use that eagle (?) sound effect a lot in this show.

Agh... fuck this episode, I'm skipping to the end.
Season 1 - Episode 20 - "Darkness Falls"

This episode opens up with the eagle sound effect.

0:35 well I dunno what happened to these guys, but it looks like a pretty shit situation to me.

2:10 what was with the green light? This episode is coming off as kinda lame too. Not as much as the other one I guess, but definitely an undeniable underlying tone of lameness.

4:30 LOL @ choking down flannel. I would absolutely go with Mulder to the forest. Fucking guy is irresistible.

5:17 look at that coat with those uglyass 90s colors... what were they thinking back then?

5:54 ooooo this Larry dude is pretty hot... Jason Beghe. Pretty sure it's 60% the uniform though.

9:40 again with the eagle sounds... what is with that?? I never hear eagles. Maybe it's due to their locale... but then again, they travel all over the place.

10:20 LMAO I can't believe they sent Scully up... is that even believable??

10:42 LOL Scully is so damn fine... I just wish the real life actress was a lot more like her character.

11:20 nah this Larry dude definitely is hot as fuck.

11:50 oh they ain't going there with it are they??????? Giant spiders = way too disturbing, let's not.

13:00 OMG it's Titus Welliver... you wanna talk about being hot as fuck, THAT man is hot as fuck.

16:18 LMAO I ain't gonna be sad to see this Steve guy go.

18:40 it's actually a pretty interesting storyline in this aspect.

23:40 ah so they work together in swarms, makes sense.

25:05 brilliant, I love it... great.

31:00 pretty sure Gillian Anderson is 5 or 6 months pregnant in this episode.

33:30 yeeeeeeiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkeeeeeeeessssssssssss.

37:35 God Titus Welliver is such a fricken damn hottie... he REALLY really is.

39:35 WTF don't Jeeps have interior lighting? What about the headlights? Wouldn't that have kept them away? Come on now.

Pretty good episode.
Season 1 - Episode 21 - "Tooms"

0:25 boy, this is making asylums seem sooo unsexy!

2:17 ooo, this doctor dude's pretty fuckin' sexy... Paul Ben-Victor.

5:35 they must be upset about something else.

13:26 ugh this guy is gross and annoying.

22:00 a toilet lid lock, that's pretty smart!

23:40 I bet she regrets not going to answer that door herself! I'd love if I opened my door to Foxy Mulder pushing his way into my house! Flashing that sexy badge of his!

34:40 is silently chain-smoking this guy's intimidation tactic or something?

Having to watch the last 5 min. of this one on double speed. Really don't care for the Tooms character.
Season 1 - Episode 22 - "Born Again"

2:28 why does the hot cop always have to get it? This little girl is a twit. She's super boring too. What a lame character... I already hate this episode.

5:55 yeah, I cannot fucking STAND this little girl. Easily the most hatable character on any episode of any show ever.

13:10 it IS that little girl.

15:00 LOL this is such a great fucking show.

It's just enough, without being too much... most of the time.

18:00 it's not too big, but you definitely can see that baby bump.

18:27 the heck are these two dudes hiding!?

27:20 episode mentions "Metempsychosis" which is a word that has never been used on this site before right now.

29:28 it's amazing how pregnant she looks right here. You can see it all over her body, they say you gain weight differently when you're pregnant with a girl... Piper Maru Klotz is her daughter.

41:12 oh that relationship is over.

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