"September 30, 1955" (1977) - Review & Commentary


I'm about to watch this movie SOLELY for the fact that it has Richard Thomas in it. I have been super hardcore obsessed with Richard Thomas lately, in a purely sexual way... read all about it here: http://www.sectual.com/thread-15496.html

I prefer him in the weird and psychotic roles. His portrayal of nice, normal characters just doesn't really do it for me, although he's great in any role. Since my introduction to Richard was his role as an unhinged maniac in the movie "Stalking Laura", I just can't see him any other way. I never watched The Waltons and I never knew who played John-Boy. I feel so lucky in that sense because I get to enjoy Richard's superb acting skills in his psycho roles, without seeing any trace of the goody-goody John-Boy character at all. Therefore my experience of Richard Thomas has probably been a fair bit different than most people's experience and perception of him.

So here we are, my review of "September 30, 1955", a film about the emotional effect that James Dean's tragic, untimely death had on some of his fans. This film has received mixed reviews, with many saying it's just ridiculous, others calling it "boring", and then the demographic of the audience that I find most interesting... those who say they just can't stand to see Richard portray such an asshole character, since they all knew and loved him as the ever so kind John-Boy Walton. Well, I don't have that problem! I prefer him as a psycho, the freakier the better! 

Admittedly, the trailer for this movie has me pretty convinced it'll be nothing short of a comedy. I mean, come on... putting on a seance in broad daylight on the beach in an attempt to contact the spirit of James Dean? That is comedy gold right there. 

So let's just see how good or bad this movie actually is, from the view of someone in the throes of obsessive lust for Richard Thomas! I'll be viewing it on Amazon...


As a sidenote, I also read in some of the reviews that Jimmy J. (Richard) can't seem to keep his pants on in this movie. I have no idea whether it's literal or figurative. But it's interesting because I've privately noted in the movies/shows I've been watching of Richard, they never seem to show his ass for very long, if at all. So if there is some backside on display in this movie, fully clothed or not, I will be quite surprised. I am not really into dude's asses, it's not something I care about... whenever I hear women talk about a guy having a nice ass, it sort of boggles my mind. As a woman, I can't understand this attraction... *shrug* My curiosity about the appearance of Richard's backside has nothing to do with wanting to assess its attractiveness. I'm merely interested in seeing his frankly delicious looking body from all views. It's all very technical, but I felt the need to explain.

1:05 so the movie begins with a cinema that is showing "East of Eden" (1955), one of James Dean's most iconic roles

1:30 it shows Jimmy J. (Richard) intently watching the film... he seems a little unhinged already. LMAO! It's all about perspective and first impressions... somebody who only knew Richard as John-Boy would probably never be able to see it the way I do. It's very interesting, as it pertains to the whole subject of acting/actors, movies/shows, and public perception.

4:48 God Richard is so gorgeous... Richard > James Dean. Sorry but come on.

5:13 so I guess Richard leaves the theater with his life forever changed by James Dean and now he wants to be just like him.

5:35 that swagger though, Richard is a delicious hunk of man, that's for sure.

5:50 great font/titles on this movie, nice and vintage, perfectly dated looking.

8:00 uh oh... poor Jimmy J.

8:30 this is definitely the most we've ever seen Richard's ass as far as I know, but he's wearing these stupid baseball pants so it doesn't really matter.

9:40 God Richard looks so fine when he's all sweaty and out of breath.

I can't believe they made a movie about this though. 

Every single dude in this movie is HOT as FUCK. Like every single last one of them, EVERY ONE.

12:04 "Somethin' 'bout Eden? Uoohuh." LMFAOOOOO I loooove the way she delivered that line, just perfect.

13:10 "I'm trying to contact his spirit" ROFLROFLROFL. The SAME DAY?!?!?!?!?!? Lil fuckin' busy, lady!!!

13:55 I feel like this Jimmy guy's about to lose his shit.

14:33 LOL oh man... yup. There it is. 

15:00 it's a pretty good movie... the subject matter is a tad retarded but. It's not a bad movie even for being about something kinda stupid.

16:07 her mom is kinda hot though, I mean she really is.

16:30 "Tellin' some truckers about it" ROFLROFLMFAOLOLOLOL. Scandaloussssss.

19:00 he stole that liquor! Three bottles of it! THREE!

19:28 LOL I'm diggin' Richard in the role of a hellion.

20:55 "East of Eden" was the only James Dean movie that had ever been released before his death?? What the fuck?? "Rebel Without A Cause" didn't come out until AFTER he died?? Facepalm. Obvious ritualistic sacrifice much??


So he was only on TV before the 3 movies he ultimately had a part in, only one of which was even out before he died.

21:30 LMFAO @ seeing "East of Eden" 22 times. That's over 43 hours of watchtime.

21:40 "Well it comes from a book"... see, total psycho vibes here. I'm of the mind that Richard always had psycho vibes.

You can't be that good at playing a psycho unless you really are a psycho... hollywood has tried to tell us otherwise, but it's a lie. No folks, the sky isn't blue.

22:30 I feel like they're not being understanding to him though I mean, yeah he's a little bent out of shape about this whole James Dean death thingy but humor the fucking guy. Just do your time with him and go home!

22:56 I mean he'd have to have a screw loose to react that hardcore to it though. But okay, I mean so now we know Jimmy J. has a screw loose... we had to find out sometime, so this was the time. Just deal with it.

25:10 who the hell is heavy breathing in this scene??

25:32 a FAT ONE?!?!?!? Hot fuckin' damn dude this guy knows what to say to the ladies!!! I'd be naked from the waist down in .5 seconds!!!

26:20 I meeean... this is awkward. There's 2 dudes and only 1 chick. Heck I think it's the responsibility of this one chick to please both of the dudes!!! 

26:40 hell yeah I think this guy's got the right idea!!! Let's get it on!!!

27:35 LMAO Jimmy's lost his damn mind!!! 

29:10 hell yeah baby take it off!!!

29:30 he's covering himself in mud... my kinda guy right there!!!

30:00 LMFAO I fucking love this guy.

30:30 well at least they're praying to God and not the damn devil... if this was a 21st century movie, they'd be praying to lucifer. Fucking disgusting how much things have changed.

Back in the good ol' days we had delicious fuckers like Richard playing psychos in one role and praying to Jesus in the next, that's the way it should be. That's the way it should stay.

31:50 so we've totally gotten to see most of Richard's body, he's totally gorgeous all over, that's for sure. And he does seem to have an overt lack of pants for an abnormally long time in this movie. It's a blessing. 

34:35 I think Hanley (Tom Hulce) is the best character in this movie... and look how damn cute he is. One of the cutest damn smiles I've ever seen in my entire life... that fucking guy is the shit. I mean, we'll keep in line with the Richard obsession narrative but... if I'm being completely honest, I might have a hard time choosing Richard over him if it came right down to it!?

37:30 well the little bastard shouldn't have taunted him.

40:55 LOL I love this Eugene character.

42:00 LMFAO these two.

44:28 bahahahahahaha MORE Richard with no damn pants, what the fuck is going on here?! Seems that one reviewer was right!!! LMAO! Well... I guess my curiosity has been completely satisfied re: Richard's backside. But I was kinda hoping we'd get a nice view of it in some jeans or something.

Fucking fine as hell though, that's for sure.

45:25 this coach guy is also mega hot.

46:10 oh hell no, they better not get Eugene hurt.



Well here's the 'dark magic' version of trying to conjure James Dean's recently deceased, incredibly busy spirit.

I liked Jimmy's approach better.

49:40 LMFAO now Jimmy thinks SHE'S lost HER mind!!!

50:05 I think he's kinda diggin' it though.

50:30 TBH this is unexpectedly hot.

51:10 he's not scared, he's respectable, ya fuckin' bitch!

53:40 man I'd totally be fuckin' these dudes if I was this chick.

54:37 "I got to have somethin' to eat!" LMAO amen Hanley.

57:00 LMAO this movie is crazy... what the hell.

59:15 LOL this is so great.

59:40 LOL well hell fire... one of these bitches is gonna have to give it up to Jimmy!!!

59:56 not nearly scary enough, hon.

1:04:00 finally this Hanley guy makes a worthy suggestion.

1:09:30 "There wudn't nobody atall in that car, daddy!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

1:16:00 LMAO this chick dressed up as Vampira is crazy.

1:16:17 oh shit... did NOT see that one coming. 

1:17:30 LMAO and he parks RIGHT in the middle of the parade. What a douche!

A whoooooole lot of wiener action in this movie... I'm just saying. It's been a theme throughout.

1:22:40 shock treatments, OMG.

1:24:12 pretty sure she ain't interested in James Dean anymore hon.

1:25:38 God Richard has an amazing nose. I have a nose fetish. 

1:26:00 oh man if she finally says something, I really don't think I wanna hear what the hell she's gonna say about James Dean.

1:27:08 man she does NOT look happy.

1:27:18 if you pause it right here he's soooooo gorgeous OMG.

Sigh. He's just absolutely gorgeous.

1:29:37 uuuuuhhhhh, spoilers much bro??

1:30:00 I meeeean... he's low key responsible but. I don't consider him all THAT responsible.

1:32:06 pretty sure she blames James Dean, son.

1:33:11 awe, what a sweetie.

1:34:10 LOL... fucking love this dude. I mean, it's kinda dumb but somehow it's also kinda great.

1:36:26 I hate to say it but this chick needs to forget about Jimmy for sure, and just get with literally either one of these football dudes. OMG they BOTH kissed her!!! LOL!!! What the hell!?

This was Lisa Blount's first movie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Blount Oddly enough, this story took place in Arkansas, and Blount really was from Arkansas. She also died in Little Rock. Very interesting, to me at least. She was phenomenal in this role, and it was her first! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0089408/ She was in 48 different credits too, a considerable amount. I find the story of her death to be sad, for reasons I can't figure out... I mean beyond the obvious. She died at 53.

As for this Jimmy J. character... if it wasn't a tale that supposedly took place in the '50s, I'd feel bad for this kid. I guess things were just kind of different back then, and people were a little more naive. Having no fricken damn identity of his own to that degree, well it's just not a good thing.

1:39:00 and the movie ends as it began, showing a film playing at the cinema... only this time, it's Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch". Wonder what the meaning of that was?

I give this movie 7/10 stars. For the time it was probably just a bullshit movie for the most part, just like any movie of today is a bullshit movie. The difference is that back then, even the less great movies were pretty damn good when held in comparison to any film made these days. Movies these days are simply pure trash, total propaganda... not made for entertainment. Only made to steer minds, and in the wrong direction no less.

I enjoyed this movie and I think the most boring part of it was the few minutes of the lead up to the scene where they scare their friends at the make out area. That was the only truly weak part of the film in my opinion.

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