We demand a wide variety of 7 inch laptops...
They are to be just like regular laptops, with the USB port and the microSD slot...

Only 7", and of course they can come in 9" or 10" too, but we want them smaller than 10".

We want miniature laptops, with keyboards that ARE NOT DETACHABLE.

We want a good variety of these by NAME brands, not by a bunch of Chinese brands.

We also want them to come with a SIM card option...

Yes, you heard me, miniature laptop phones with NON-DETACHABLE keyboards.

They must have a price-point around $250 and no higher than $400.

Make them available them to us by 2022.
And I know you can do it sooner, so get to work on this right now.
7" laptops are the absolute pinnacle...

Oversized smartphones with non-detachable keyboards.
The countdown begins now...

Put your best to work on it, and forget Apple/Mac...

We want Android.



Do better.
If China can make badass smartphones that are better looking than iPhones and function just as well for $200, you can swing this...

Get to work on it...

I want to see articles on tech sites announcing releases by the beginning of 2021 at the latest.

How long could it really take you to do this??


Why are you still reading this??

Go make it happen.
I want it fucking NOW.
(10-30-2019, 04:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I want it fucking NOW.

Bend over. Hump

But seriously, pholks, if I was going to make one, it would be an ARM processor running Debian. Android is really the lesser of two evils. I'd just as soon cut Apple and Google both out of my bizwax, telecommunications-wise.

(10-30-2019, 04:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: https://www.ultrabookreview.com/20076-one-mix-yoga/

Apart from GPD and One Netbook, a few other UMPCs such as the Debian-based DragonBox Pyra and the modular clickARM-based Smach Z are currently at different stages of prototyping....


Well, I'd want the keyboard to be more like a real laptop keyboard, but it seems to be going in the right direction as far as upgradability and features.
Oh my God they're adorable too.


This is gonna be great.

What could be better than a mini laptop, with a physical keyboard?!

Tablets suck. If you need a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use the damn thing effectively, WHY NOT MAKE IT A LAPTOP!?

A tiny little laptop...

I love it.
I don't know how "mobile" was ever conflated with the lack of a physical keyboard... unacceptable.
Tablets are dying off though...

I think a true all in one device would be good.

I say just make all editions with a SIM slot so we can cut to the chase and use it as a phone too.

A tiny laptop that is also a phone.
Don't nobody need no bigass screen.

If you want a big screen, use a damn desktop.

Better yet, deal with it and just forget about big screens.
It seems like they haven't been updating or innovating on this stuff for a few years...

Not even tablets.
It seems 11" is the smallest screen you can get on a brand name mini laptop these days.


These Windows 7 pocket computers with 8" screens were on the market ten years ago, but they didn't really catch on:


Interesting reviews...

A lot of room for improvement on these models they've released so far, in the entire mini laptop market...

They need to perfect these mini laptops.

Fix the fan issues, make them fast, put in a SIM slot, microSD slot, a full size USB port, maximize battery life...

All in one device.
The only reason these things don't catch on is because they're not advertised properly...

You gotta put 'em in the hands of the youngins with a lot of reach, like those social media tards.

Give a few out to those bitches and everyone will want one...

The issue is the price.

They can make 'em all day and night, but if they charge too much, it's screwed...

They need to be the most reasonably priced fun little gadget to ever to come out.

$250 or so... $300 at the most, and really that's asking too much.

They should be able to make these adequate quality AND affordable, it's almost 2020, my God, stop being so fucking disappointing.
It should be feasible for major manufacturers to mass produce them for under $250.

These niche devices like Pyro, on the other hand, don't have the injection molding equipment to crank out plastic parts en masse, nor the funding to outsource it. While injection molding is much more cost-effective than 3D printing for large production runs, the up front tooling cost can only be justified if you're going to sell hundreds of thousands of units. Hence, most low-volume projects use 3D printing, which is terribly slow and inefficient, and often requires larger pieces to be printed in sections. It's not the way you want to go if you're trying to reduce the unit cost.

So your choice is to either take what the corporations give you and like it, or pay more to have it done your way.

An electronics hobbyist could probably put one together from a single-board computer and other off-the-shelf modules on the cheap, but it would most likely be some big, ugly, clunky thing if done that way. At the very least, one would have to have a custom circuit board built, and be able to scavenge parts from other portable devices that fit the design.
I'd love to have a modern computer with the same form factor as the TRS-80 Model 100 laptop, replacing the 1980s LCD with a color touch screen. The added size would be worth it for a real desktop style keyboard. You obviously wouldn't hold hold it up to your ear like a cellphone while talking, so a headset would be required.



Perhaps it would be worthwhile to get a non-working Model 100 and re-purpose the case and keyboard.
The second generation model 102 was thinner and lighter, making it a better choice.


If they could cram a 1980s motherboard with built-in modem and various peripheral ports into that thing, the innards of a smart phone would definitely fit.

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