"Dickinson" (2019) Is An Atrocity Heinous Enough To Anger The Gods


Emily Dickinson would be SHOCKED and APPAULED by this sick, grievous misrepresentation of herself and her life. 

I am absolutely disgusted that modern society has fallen so far as to desecrate the memory of an historical figure, for its own political gain. Total propaganda.
The comments are turned off on ALL the show's trailers on YouTube. The dislikes are evidence that a lot of Emily Dickinson's fans out there totally disagree with this show.
I take personal offense to this as someone who identifies as Emily Dickinson in a past life...

She was NOTHING like this show portrays her.

Disgusting... just disgusting.
What kind of a warped, sick weirdo would retell her life as if it's a joke??
Emily Dickinson was a strict introvert, she didn't deal with other people and she basically only communicated through writing. She was nothing like the perverse nonsense in that show.
Emily Dickinson wasn't a famous writer til after she died...

She wasn't all shitty and haughty about her desire to be a writer either.

She didn't rub all this stuff in other people's faces, she didn't run around acting a fool!!!
Emily Dickinson spent her life staring out of the window of her room and writing poems that she hid in a box. She WAS NOT "loud and proud" and RIDICULOUS like this show portrays her.
And there was nothing wrong with how Dickinson led her life, SHE DID WHAT SHE WANTED.

There is NO EXCUSE for this disgustingly inaccurate retelling of her life.
So what if Emily loved Susan??


They were intellectually suited for each other, Emily was lucky Susan was in her life. They didn't run around acting FOOLS together. For their mutual appreciation and caring to be warped into some 21st century freakshow of perversion is inexcusable.
(11-06-2019, 01:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: She wasn't all shitty and haughty about her desire to be a writer either.

She didn't "WANT TO BE" a writer like the show portrays...

To "BE A WRITER" wasn't something she viciously fought for...

She simply WAS a writer. That's just what she WAS.
That's just what she DID.

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