Katie Carney
I guess I'm projecting my ideals onto Katie, but I just hate interpersonal obligation. The suffocating, claustrophobic expectations involved in relationships are totally unbearable and unacceptable. I can't imagine giving up a life of freedom like Katie has to downgrade into boring home life.

Time just slides away super fast when you settle into a relationship and live in the same place for extended periods of time. Eventually your romantic partner will prove to be a disappointment in any number of ways ranging from unfortunate to totally devastating. All those years that slid by will just seem like a total waste.

One good thing about it is that Katie's at least waited this long to contemplate settling down. At least she wasn't screwed out of her younger years.

Katie strolls about the city enshrouded by the spirit of the Yaris, oblivious to the fact that she's invisible to the other people.
She also has her chicken packets from between the seats.

Then in this video her shirt at the top has little perforations that match the upholstery.
The car... is becoming one with her. It doesn't want her in a house. It's not letting her go!
Absolutely beautiful.
If I was married to this broad Dude I would throw a tranquilizer in her food every second day on the down low
Use gluten free tranquilizer or she'll die. Don't kill Katie bro

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