The Hot Chick (2002) - Review & Commentary

So this is just a super fun, mindless comedy flick that should be pretty easy going and fun to watch. I was gonna hit up more X-Files tonight, but I really just haven't been digging season 2 that much, and the synopses of all the upcoming episodes sounded bleh to me.

Let's get down to business.

There's a pointless 10 second intro on this movie, I'm watching it on Amazon/Cinemax. At 0:10 the 'Touchstone Pictures' logo starts so adjust timestamps accordingly.

0:30 wow I didn't expect this as an opener... some type of Persian temple? 

0:50 oh, it's "Abyssinia" AKA Ethiopia. Wow this is pretty interesting so far, kind of unexpected, I like that!

1:09 LOL this has got that hardcore early 2000s feel to it, LOL, the terrible acting and whatnot. There were some great carefree movies in the early 2000s with terrible acting.

1:42 DAAAAAAAAMN, I got chills. That's some deep shit yo. 

2:20 bahahahahaha oh God, RIGHT WHEN they switched to the cheerleaders, the air of banality was palpable... they really conveyed that with a level of mastery. Pretty great.

So I guess this cheerleader chick is Rachel McAdams, who was in another movie I recently reviewed called "Red Eye" (2005) and she was definitely much prettier in that movie. In my opinion.

3:15 LOL, this is terrible. 

3:38 OMG it's the Mowry twins. Loved these chicks back in the day!!! Twins are so interesting and special!!!

3:48 ROFL OMG the asian mom, so awesome <3 That kimchi will make you live longer!


LOL this movie is off the fucking hook so far!

5:28 bahahahahahahaha OMG this is so ridiculous I love it!!!

5:38 bahahahaha ouch OMG!!!

5:50 that shit never happens, BTW. Just saying. But it IS ridiculous and therefore it IS perfect.

Funny movies are great man, no serious shit to think about, just straight up enjoyment.

5:58 that dude is fucking cute though, I'd totally be suckin' that dick.

6:52 "barfing more" OMG LOL! THAT girl is cute. Who is SHE?! She looks like Jessica Simpson. OMG is that Jessica Simpson's sister!? Is that ASHLEE SIMPSON!? She is SOOOOOOO cute. CRAZY cute... adorable voice too. Woooow!

7:00 whoa OMG did you see what that bitchass cunt just did?!?!?!?!? She shoplifted the panties into that other girl's bag OMG!!! That's so horrible!!! THAT'S evil!!! I guess they're making you kinda not like her character in some ways as lead up to the storyline.

7:13 LMFAO at the football style takedown, so funny! That type of random physical comedy is a tale tell sign you're watching a Schneider/Sandler movie, LOL.

7:20 "Winona" awe LOL OMG, she even gets shade IN movies. Winona Ryder must have done something to piss off the hollywood mafia, but not in any kinda SERIOUS severe way... at least not as it pertains to this subject matter. But enough to get her razzed at random in movies... *shrug*

7:26 it's weird they would paint her as inexplicably drawn to this particular store. Wonder what's up with that??

7:40 LMFAO at these girls in this store. This is so perfect. They did such a great job with this movie... and directing it as well. Putting these retardedly hot chicks in these scenarios and then directing them about how to act, it really was excellently done.

7:48 BWAHAHAHA OMG AND THERE'S ADAM SANDLER!!! I DID NOT expect him to be playing this kinda role, ahahahaha OMG!!! LOL and the voice he's putting on for this character... SOOO PERFECT!!!

8:06 "ooh, and you can put your weed in there" BWHAHAHAHAHAHA OMGGGG!!! LOLOL!!! It looked like he honest to God almost cracked up when he said that line, I swear it!!! Bahahahahaha, OMG so excellent. I fucking LOVE this movie so far.

8:30 lmfao omg dude I feel like this movie's honestly gonna make me piss myself.

9:18 uh oh, LMAO, I can tell this lady's about to fuck their world up!!! Somehow!!! I dunno how but I can feel it comin'!!!

9:40 "Stop bangin' those drums!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I DID NOT see that coming!!!!!!!!!!! "Didn't even know you could hear that" ROFLMFAO that is so inexplicably brilliant.

9:50 "those earrings, I'll be the envy of every girl at prom" uuuuhhh, dude, when it showed them up close earlier, I was like what the hell is that?? It's two armadillos cuddling each other or something. The envy of the prom?? Uh no. LOL!

10:13 OMG this chick is such a shoplifter, like WTF!?!?!?!

10:40 OMG here's Schneider! He's a robber! ROFL! I was wondering just how in the hell he winds up with one of the earrings apparently.

11:30 LMFAO how obnoxious.

11:39 LMAO what in the fuck?!?!?!?!?

12:28 LOL the license plate is "HOT CHK 1".

13:28 OMG but... how does he wear it?? Does he have pierced ears??

13:56 maybe I have nooo fashion sense but... I would NOT wear a black skirt with that top.

15:00 ooo damn! Look at this hottie! Oh wow, that's Matthew Lawrence! He was 22 here. I wonder what he's up to now.

17:44 OMG LMAO he DOES have a pierced ear! It's about to get good!

18:28 wait wait wait. So. Hold on. Wait a minute. I'm confused. I can't even explain how confusing this is to me right now LOL. I don't think this is the traditional "Freaky Friday" concept. Seems like they've changed something about it.

18:50 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:38 whoa this is trippy okay... so the difference is that they switched bodies literally. Was that always the "Freaky Friday" concept?? I thought they only switched minds. I'm sooo confused, LMAO!!!

21:50 Anna Faris is really very cute.

23:10 more of the physical comedy. LOL!

25:58 they should totally have sex. You know everybody else thought it too.


28:40 OMG he's like getting preyed upon!!!

29:20 "Niiiiice" ROFLROFLROFLROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!

29:48 bahahahaha oh my God.

30:48 bahahahaha YEEEEIIIIIIKESSSSS oh my God. BAHAHAHAHAHA OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

34:28 LMAO oh my God I think now she's IN LOVE WITH JESSICA!!! This is hilarious.

36:00 men work sooo hard, that's why they deserve to be loved and worshipped and looked after properly by women. See my topic about worshipping men:

37:14 LMFAO.

38:50 "So you're saying that you had nothing to do with this?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

40:12 "ohhh, I think you got me with that one!" ROOOOFFFFLLLMMMFAAAOOOO!!!!!! SAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!

42:10 awwwe, I feel sorry for this chick, she's totes smitten with male Jessica and they can never be!!!

44:38 lmfao this guy AIN'T lovin' it!!! So hilarious!!!

48:55 why IS there ice in there?!?!?!?!?

49:50 LOL this is a great scene.

55:44 "I gotta do WHAT?" LOOOOOL FUCKING LOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

59:50 it really is a great story.

1:04:05 "Somebody shit in the locker" ROFLMFAOLOL.

1:04:40 oh my God, ROFL!!! I wasn't sure what she was gonna say, but I didn't expect that!!!

1:12:40 OMG LOL that's so fucked up!!!

1:14:50 I'm skipping this whole cheerleading scene though lol.

1:16:52 "The Hot Chick Bandit" BAHAHAHAHAHA YYYYAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!

1:20:52 this is a deep scene... I knew it was gonna be one.

1:22:15 I love this chick's dad LOL.

1:23:45 ROFL.

Awe, this is such a great story... it really is. I've enjoyed this movie.

1:29:08 if a man could magically turn into a woman, he'd be the most powerful woman ever because men know what men want!!! This is such a great example of that!!!

1:30:40 "NO Strangling the Dancers" ROFLROFLMFAOOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:31:50 LOL I love Sandler's character in this movie.

1:33:10 OMG ROFL!!!

1:36:30 "Hey what kind of a place do you think I'm running here, pal?!" ROFLMFAOLOLOL oh my God so funny.

Aaawwweee, what a great movie... 7/10 stars.
mo I dream of making out with you next to a big tree like in this movie , also trying on your bra and lipstick and drinking slushees together

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