The downfall of mankind directly coincides with the advent of skyscrapers...
Its so true . Towers of Babel and pride of mankind is always our downfall
how about all the pornos mister obvious , why did George w bush a so called christian agree to allow porn on the internet ? he was given a chance to block it out in 2004 and decided not to , then his daughter married a jew . then Clintons daughter married a jew . and guess what now obamas female progeny is screwing one

jews run porn and we are screwed and having our weapons seized , the devil is running amok
1885 = first skyscraper...

All downhill from there.
I don't think it's mere coincidence.
Everything since then is just a result of whatever set this off.
Also, Cities get people detached from the ground.

People in Cities mostly walk on concrete and asphalt or inside buildings. I wonder how many City people have ever walked on grass?
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I think you get fined for walking on the grass in big cities.

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