Sunday morning cartoons
probably the most racist newspaper ever (Der sturmer)produced these , with translation

when people  get angry they do get  creative , it is interesting to note this propaganda was unleashed following a declaration of war against Germany in 1933 (

cartoons :

some interesting background :
ALL of those images just LOOK totally evil.

The comics and all of it...

Just reeks of evil.
I was looking up 40s movies out of curiosity about what things were like at that time...

Crazy that some of these classics were made at the same time Hitler was doing whatever.

I was scrolling through a list and I saw Sullivan's Travels, a movie (I've never seen) with one of my all-time favorite classic actresses, Veronica Lake...

It's about a dude who dresses up as a hobo and ends up with this gorgeous blonde...

Read the plot, OMG!!!

Apparently hobosexuality has been a thing for a LONG time!!!
cool lookin movie , gotta watch it later !

and yeah she looks delicious
I think hobosexuality proves that women aren't just interested in money...

It's something a lot of dudes don't want to have to face...

So they blame it all on money.

That there are qualities that women find attractive, and if you don't have 'em, you can't buy them...

Leaves even less hope than the idea that you have to make a lot of money and THEN you can have it...

It's possible to make money but I don't believe it's possible for people to change who they are inside.
Women are attracted to resilience, and the attitude that a sexy hobo has in the midst of being resilient. Like that guy is dumpster diving, but he's not kicking his shoes and being a little wimpass pansy about it.

Better than rich bitch dudes who have to pay everyone to do everything for them... no abilities to work on things or get their hands dirty. That's only good as long as the system that supports it lasts... otherwise? Useless.

The hotass hobo though... he proves right off the bat he'll do what he has to in order to survive, and that's in his DNA. If you're looking at a post-system crashed world... that resillience is useful. Meanwhile rich guy has to take in a wheelbarrow of cash to get a loaf of bread and he probably spills the money 5 times along the way because he's never pushed a wheelbarrow before.

Pansy DNA, or resillient DNA... what do we want? The sperm donor's job is to produce an offspring with true survivalist qualities built in at the DNA level.

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