transgender dogs and cats
Isn't it about time we   help our    animal friends to break down the sexual  barriers  ? 

Why should  female dogs be forced to squat when they pee while   the big    male  macho dog     gets to lift his leg   and  squirt pee    on       stuff   

Female       wolves     and big cats do most of the hunting while   the men  stay at home sleeping      and   sometimes even eating the children  

So   I    am hoping      people start to   assign   feminine   objects     like feathery pink collars onto male dogs  and  spiky black leather   ones onto the bitches    , then       animals  can begin to learn how unfair things are  and they   will begin to change    and be equal !
Um No
I was hoping the OP was Graveyard Girl.

Sad Nana
Agreed AF...

@ 14:50 check out that dog front left side hangin on for dear life in stolen rv , also nice collision @ 14:00


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