darling, I really mis fungus
(11-23-2019, 10:56 AM)Guest Wrote: Dear mo. You are the most alien like female i ever encountered. I have come from another planet far away and i want to take you back for the collection. I love the fruits and vegetables on earth .

Damn, how did I miss this post?

Take my body...

Take it now.
If anyone cares, Fungus is having surgery on his shoulder on Friday the 13th of December. What a great date huh? But he is going to face it like a man. It may be the reckoning he deserves it may not. But its going ahead. So good luck to you all :)
Best wishes, Fungi, you got this!

I love those knock out drugs just before surgery , that faint smell of garlic and whamo... goodbye world

the guy who did surgery on my leg a few years ago said I was mumbling about crocodiles and shit for the 4 hours I was out , I cannot recall a thing and they were hammering steel rod into femur bone and putting pins in
(11-26-2019, 05:50 PM)Guest Wrote: I was mumbling about crocodiles and shit for the 4 hours I was out

You're so gosh darned lovable, Guest. Get in my belly.

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