It's A Bug's Life: Check out this hottie who loves her Jeep XJ...
I found her channel when I was looking for a clip related to Francis the ladybug from "A Bug's Life" (1998).

So apparently this chick goes by "Bug" and she's obsessed with her Jeep. I meeean, hell yeah count me in, I wanna see her in action!

I haven't even clicked on one of her videos yet, so I don't REALLY know what she looks like and I dunno what she sounds like yet.

According to the 'About' page on her channel, she's being helped by her BF and a few Jeep based channels on YouTube. So it seems like she and her BF had the idea to pimp her out to this niche audience. Wonder how it's going for them?

The vids have a decent amount of views... probably not gangbusters like they were expecting. You almost never make it when you try to. That's one of the main reasons why life is such a fucking joke!

I'm gonna start off by checking out her newest video, then I'll probably never talk about this again...

Here we go...

My first impressions.

0:06 so the editing is a lil...

Ghetto, LOL. But it's cool, this is what YouTube was always supposed to be about.

It's cute, it's cute.

0:10 everybody and their brother has a fucking drone these days though. I kinda just roll my eyes at it, to be honest...

My prior posts about drones:

Anyway back to the vid.

0:20 so this is the first time of hearing/seeing her talk and I have to say... she's a lot more charming than I figured she'd be. I don't really know what I was expecting, but I am not disappointed with the truth.

She seems like one of those chicks who's not afraid to get a little rugged, she is definitely the type to never let herself go and get fat or anything... you can tell she's in it for the long haul.

I like her... she has a lot more personality and spark than I figured she would. She seems like a great chick.

5:20 I like her man too, he seems like the perfect dude for her. All in all I rate these two a 10/10, I think they're great and they've got a good channel... they should just do it because they love it and not because they expect anything though. YouTube doesn't reward anymore.

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