$ its better just to pay $
why   play the guessing game , 'does she like me?' ... 'is it time too fondle her ?'    

as a guy it  gets really rough sometimes having your hand or face slapped just for reaching out   to get the love  

or    the ungrateful wench tells you  she has a man already and is about to get out of prison...that was a scary one

I know it seems cold  and unromantic  to pay for  the sex,   but its getting too dangerous to approach    random women   these days .  After a few hundred    women    one day you are bound to      try    the foreplay on a Lorena Bobbitt  . 

Perhaps       a good place to start is the asian massage parlors
(11-27-2019, 09:20 PM)Kenny Wrote: 'is it time too fondle her ?'


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