Krista Raisa & Arcturus Ra (Da Germ)

8:00 Archie's actually really good with the music stuff.
10/10 would bang to that.
Dude Archie's been spinning these tunes for over an hour and I've gotten truly jiggy with it during this time. It's been legit invigorating.
Too bad he'll probably delete it, it's been some tight jamz.
He's very good.
He needs to release some of those mixes for download, I dunno WTF he thinks he's doing.

4:53 haven't we all!?

You know what, I think Archie truly believes all this stuff. Which makes me appreciate him more, cuz I can understand how he feels.

These two fruitcakes have been a source of entertainment for years, and they tell the truth a lot of the time too. I like 'em.
I mean, their politics are absolutely retarded, but beyond that, they are enjoyable.
Mo im not a pervert am I? I mean Love Jesus?

Archie's doing a DJ soundtest.

He called the stream "Akashi Disco"...

I like his DJing, I think it's really good.

Archie and Krista are cool.
Even though Krista's politics are sheer cancer, I still like her on some level.
EQ is horribad on this live broadcast though, he'll get it sorted.

Most of his DJ livestreams I've ever tuned into were legendary.
It's too bad that Krista privated all the old videos that were posted on this thread.

They were iconic.

Tsk tsk tsk.
At least they're just private and not deleted though...

I am a strong proponent of NOT throwing away your memories.

Even if you think it's cringe and you don't want the world to see it, that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep it for yourself.
Weird chick how am I not supposed to imagine lips on ass
Whose lips on whose ass though?

I can't tell whether Krista's channel has been one huge troll for all this time.

Tell you what though, I just hope being with Archie has really been worth it for her.

God only knows what kinda weird shit they've gotten up to.

I can't imagine their life is all dolphins and rainbows.

I think Archie made Krista crazier and it's probably permanent now.

As long as he stays good looking and doesnt get fat, I guess it's okay to stay with him.

But if he's boring, naps a lot, or he still flirts with other women, it's time to get to dumping him.

I wish Krista all the best but Archie's my favorite of the two...

Of course all that could change if we somehow learned that he's been psychologically manipulating Krista to a degree that just isn't respectable.

Think about it...

All these years together and no marriage, no babies? That's just unnatural. As long as it's all Krista's choice then whatever. Like I said, I'm Team Ra anyway.

But if those things are his fault, well...

He's just not hot enough to put up with.

It's time Krista applies some logic to her life!

I'd be pulling out the feather of Ma'at on Ra's ass way before 40, I'm just saying.
She'd have probably been better off spending the Archie portion of her life working at Hooters or Twin Peaks, moonlighting as a go-go dancer, and buying her own trailer somewhere that looks like something from the set of Kill Bill Vol. 2.

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