Featureman: This has gotta be one of the greatest YouTube channels ever...

This guy is pretty damn fascinating. Dunno how old he is, but he was born before 1946 according to this vid...

His watermelon clone video is the super famous one...

His name is Tom Willett...


4:15 this guy is so fucking amazing.
OK, this is pretty fucked up.
I just started watching his videos last night, and subscribed.
And tonight, I come here and you've just started a thread about him!

Insert **mind blown** GIF. : 0
YouTube is pushing his channel right now... they've actually been promoting a few decent people lately.

He's right.
dude I saw him scarf down 4 desserts and 2 full meals on that other video , healthy ?
I know, but he's lived for this long!
I think he attributes it to the cabbage.
Still sub'd, still a huge fan.

BUT... lol

Dude, his weird sometimes-too-big-off-sized chunks of vegetables REALLY
fucks with my OCD leanings. Major! AND, how he doesn't smash up ground
meats while cooking them. OMG, please, Mr. Willett, just even those things
out a little. I am in NO way hating on this awesome, kindly older gentleman.
It just burns my bacon when I see people falling short on certain things.

I'm no measure of perfection, BELIEVE ME, but urrrgggh, I just want to reach
thru the screen and gently take that cooking utensil from him and say "It's OK
Mr. Willett, you have a seat and enjoy some root beer, I got this!" ; )

I feel kinda bad having these feelings, but I gotta be me ya know?
Yeah I unsubbed that dude a long time ago, he freaked me out.
What was it that he did, if I may be so bold as to ask?
I think he's a perv and he worships the almighty dollar in ways I find pretty unfavorable.
Ah, I see. Yeah, liking that money too much ain't a good thing.
I haven't really noticed much of it though. But I only watch his
food/cooking related videos.
I've beeen getting "Featureman" recommendations for the past month.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Its like they are trying to get us familiar with owning nothing and being happy about it
Even mo eats from cans and claims she is happy
Zane was living the dream jumping into dumpsters with rats

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