Drew Gooden makes excellent videos and is hilarious...
Nodding Yes 

LOVE this guy.
Binge watching his videos hard right now.

Have seen several but circa 5:39 in this video convinced me to share.

4:14 lol God this guy is good.
He's one of the few YTers I can think of who actually has a well earned million+ subs.

9:39 lmfaololololol.

I LOVE this guy.

6:00 roflmaolololol.

8:08 roflmaolololol.

10:33 fucking hilarious.

14:18 roflrofl.

1:52 roflmao.

Yeah I hate it when people do shit like this in inappropriate public places no matter how impressive it is.

7:44 Drew is such a fucking cutie, OMG!



(He totally doesn't BTW.)

5:04 rolfmao. He's so good.
mo I wanna hold hand while you talk valley girl to mee. Then while you giggle just slap me and tell me to undress pronto . and then I have to do a little dance for you as you snuggle with your favorite teddy bear and your cat sits there purring and is amazed as my prowess and lusts after me . Then we all get in your leopard skin waterbed to roll around and play for a bit until you are Hungary and we then it beef jerky and good chocolate and dr. pepper

Everything he does is magic.

The whole video is funny.

12:26 - 12:41 hell yes, you tell 'em!!! Ownnneeeddd!!!
talking about 'jewish' bagels with a big yellow ww2 jew star on his screen ...its the fish that confuses me what's it mean I wonder ?

7:00 Drew's wife is so great, these two are a perfect couple, they're so totally made for each other. And they met online! So sweet. 21st century romance.
14:05 lmfaolololololol.

1:42 roflmaolololol

3:56 bahahahahaha Drew is so GOSH DARN funny.

His wife is so dang cool too.

I feel HIGH AS FUCK watching this video...

I am SO GLAD they made a video about Neopets because I love Neopets so much.

I'm one of those people who started playing Neopets at like age 20 ROFLMFAO!

I was NOT into ANY type of video games (besides GTA, Tetris, Shinobi and other random racing games) when I was a kid, so I never played WoW or anything until 19/20.

Anyway, this video inspired me to get back into my 4 Neopets accounts and I'm so glad I did... *sigh*

The nostalgia. It's honestly wonderful.

0:12 lmfao La Croix, that's like so my life in 2017.

0:50 honestly, this is the most tolerable trend I've ever heard of from the TikTok sphere. I think TikTok et al are sheer disease, pure and utter scourge upon the planet, but... I do sorta like this idea to a decent degree.

3:40 hell, they'd be better than most of the shit on TV!

7:30 lmao now THIS shit is embarrassing!

10:13 rolfmaolol.

3:06 lmfao.

3:09 oh so Emma Roberts is in this movie... explains why it sucks. She should have stayed on TV. Is she still Evan Peters' beard??

6:13 Jesus... these lecherous fucks are always stealing my life.

6:29 British dick actually IS pretty good dick now that you mention it!?

7:06 "Did I just say that out loud?" Dude oh my God, these motherfuckers are literally stealing EVERYTHING that I've ever said or done, verbatim, play by play. This is fucking insane, what IS this shit?!

7:45 lmfao look how drunk she looks, this is NOT hot at all.

11:44 roflmfaololroflmfaolol.

7:25 this video had me cracking up hardcore.

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