Kittisaurus: Chinese YouTube channel that uses cat slave labor to get views
They get MILLIONS of views on these videos, which is a FUCKTON of ad money. They also sell shit like cat pin buttons to their mindless fans.

This is one of their mega viral videos...

I commented on the vid about the disgustingly fake laugh at 0:22 and the fact that the music/sound effects are fucking horrible, and that these poor cats are probably kept in a studio/factory in China or Russia or something...

It's so obvious from vids like this that it's totally fake and it's likely the Chinese.

And sure enough, look at the "owner's" Instagram page:

The name "Claire" and the bogus anony pic... the Chinese are ALWAYS doing this on the internet. Making up some American sounding name to peddle it to westerners. Using some ambiguous pic that could be ANYONE. And the reason they never show just one model/face is probably because they use a lot of different models.

These poor cats, being used like this... probably never getting any real love.

This is either in a factory or in an apartment rented as a set/studio. Or a studio made up to look like an apartment.

What apartment have you ever seen that has walls like this and is immaculately clean...

Totally soulless...

Totally void of emotion.

Look, more captive slave kitty merch...

Trying to sell cheap Chinese clothes in every photo showing a model with one of the cats...

The Chinese are CRUEL to the animals they train, in case you didn't know, this is the kind of shit they do...

Apparently one of these mega viral upright walking dogs died when the "owner" kicked it for not learning/performing properly.

The Russians have been known to do fucked up shit like this too which is why they have to be considered suspects whenever some shit like this is discovered.

Sick fucks...

And the retards on YouTube just line up to eat the fucking slop...

People are so stupid.
Scrolling through the Instagram all the thumbnails look like the cats fucking hate what's going on. Is that supposed to be cute or something? Wow. Great job, humanity.
Add channel "OneMorePlease" to the shitlist...

These channels are the fucking worst.

This bitch with the weird accent (OMG but she's TOTALLY AMERICAN though right!? Facefucking my palm.) is just torturing this bunny making it participate in unpacking all the stupid sponsored products from this giant stocking...

Fucking disgusting, I despise these animal exploitation videos, the shit should be illegal.
She actually loves her cats. You all need to get a life:
"She" fucking who??


Which one of the 5 different models who play "Claire" on Instagram are you talking about??


YOU need to get a CLUE.

You're being played...

It's a BUSINESS, not a single individual who just loooves their cat.

We get it, you got played...

Stop being a victim.
I bet you found this thread Google searching where to buy merch from "Claire"...

The truth will piss you off, then it'll set you free.

Save your $$$, the "Claire" operation doesn't need any more cash, and you don't need any cheap Chinese factory merch with bad graphics.
It's not even ONE fucking cat, LMAO, it's like 7 cats.


It's so sad how naive people are and how they just throw their support at totally bogus shit...

And it's sad there are people out there like the group behind "Kittisaurus" who use the hell out of those naive viewers.

There's a sucker born every minute, and they know that good and well.
(03-26-2020, 12:52 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's not even ONE fucking cat, LMAO, it's like 7 cats.

Nobody should have that many cats, there's no way to give them all adequate attention and care...

But it's not a HOME, and it's not ONE PERSON, and it's not a NORMAL SITUATION.

It's essentially a factory/reality show set where all the cats are tricked into stupid shit cuz it's "cute"...

Somebody rigs the dumb traps and then the model comes in and plays with the cat or giggles in the background (who knows if those laughs are added post-edit like the God awful music is)...

Listen, you can get angry because there are people who DON'T get swindled like you and so many other naive people that these kind of channels rely on for endless views and clicks...

But what you really need to do is LEARN and WATCH OUT for yourself instead of getting fucking used by these money-hungry animal hoarding BUSINESSES.
(12-17-2019, 11:40 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: They get MILLIONS of views on these videos, which is a FUCKTON of ad money.
Its not really a lot of money like you gotta be one the head honchos to earn it the fake actor fuckers you gotta have a sponsor.
It aint all views and subs its what google.cia says it is. Other than that, its the videos that you made 10 years ago that are still working for you earning for you.
Google algo starting to show weird vids from 13 yrs ago the algo can kick back treat it nicely.

I had 2 channels years ago I saved people millions on construction and home repairs and car repairs.
Then google started getting up my arse, so I shut it down I want nothing to do with this "content" thing.
Social media in my day was called videos pictures text etc, not this coined term like "content" or "social media".
I used to just like to make videos and pictures and instructables that helped people. Never again. Internets lost me.
Worrrrrd, El Fungerino... one of your best posts ever.
hi there, im actually a fan of them. i cant tell if you're for real but if you are... well first of all, they aren't chinese, they speak korean. Second of all they also have another channel called Cream Heroes (although now the ownership of the channel has moved, so the momma of those cats don't own that channel anymore, she has a video explaining this on 크집사) and on that channel you could clearly see how she cares for her cats. It has lots of vlogs and sketches, vlogs of her taking her cat to the vet, playing with them, just having a fun time, some day vlogs, some night vlogs, cooking videos. Her other channels are: Claire Luvcat, where she talks in English about her cats or about her, 크집사, now her vlog and live streaming channel. Kittisaurus is more of a compilation channel, so you don't see everything. And the apartment, it's actually pretty common to have an apartment like that in Korea from what I see, lots of people are into the minimalist aesthetic.
Great response, very nicely done...

No triggered, angered fan sentiments, just straight cold hard info.

I commend you Guest...


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