Chantelle Mrowka: Acrobat Supreme

Now that's my kinda chick...


I like her a lot because she is just using the world around her and her own body to make this art.

I love aerial dancers and whatnot, but for my own personal expression, there aren't any tools such as silks or lyra hoops...

I can really relate to this chick, I appreciate how she sees things.
Dude these are the humans who make Earth redeemable...

Like there are others who are cool too don't get me wrong, but people who use their bodies to make art through movement are special.

They're doing it right.
I think there's a certain level of 'flow' with the matrix that you gotta have in order to do this stuff, because there's a principle behind it that you have to understand.

You have to sense the matter around you and manipulate your own matter to navigate it, and especially doing so in an artful way... that is such a HUGE part of human existence.

I looooove this shit lol.
1:44 I mean look how cool that is, WTF!

Humans show they're capable of deeper shit when they put on displays like this.

She danced in a vid for this chick with her same last name too. That's pretty cool.

I really appreciate and respect her method and technique.

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