Decided I'm gonna start drinking brandy...
(01-12-2020, 01:59 PM)Dark Dick Wrote: You can't spell "brandy" without "randy". Yeah, baby.

Bahahahahahaha TRUE.
"Brandy began to be distilled in France circa 1313, but it was prepared only as a medicine and was considered as possessing such marvelous strengthening and sanitary powers that the physicians named it “the water of life,” (l’eau de vie) a name it still retains."
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Oh yeah man I've looked into it...

Brandy is definitely a magical elixir.

I just find that it has to be taken right before you intend to go to sleep...

There's no sitting around leisurely drinking brandy, AND staying conscious, unless you eat.
It put me out so hard the other night that I woke up at some point and my pillow had a wet spot from drool.
I wonder if they used it as an anaesthetic.
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Yeah they did...

I read some article about how a shitload of old timey presidents received it after they got all fucked up, like shot or had some other kinda unfortunate accidents, and a lot of them died anyways but at least they were drunk.
Apparently one of them was prescribed several pints of brandy a day over the course of a month before he finally died...

LOL... Yesterday I found a six year out of date bottle of sparkling grape juice.

It smelled a little musty but not terrible, but I didn't want to chance it and when it poured out of the bottle it had a dark brown tint.

I wonder if it turned to brandy.
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No way man...

It probably would have worked as a cleanse though...

I only drink non alcholic sparkling grape juice, and sometimes kola tonic.

They taste good by themselves.
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Dancing Banana 
And water, I ASSume?!
Yeah, I drink mostly water and those are the only other things I drink once in a while.

I usually also drink either one gatorade or one coke/pepsi every day.

I drink the gatorade the day after I train to get back some electrolytes.
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I try to drink a lot of water every day... I've never measured just how much.

In addition to the water I usually drink seltzer water, just the flavored kind with no sweetener. I think the worst thing about that is the acidic effect on the teeth or whatever. Hopefully it's not THAT bad, because I looooooove soda water.

I do drink coffee first thing every day, along with some water.

Lately I've been having the pineapple juice at night with my brandy, but it doesn't have anything too terrible in it, no HFCS or anything.

I always follow any sweet stuff I drink with a few cups of water once I'm done.

I was drinking the V8/tomato juice a lot, a few weeks back... laid off that a bit though, but sometimes I crave it. Particularly when I've been dehydrated (from indoor heating) and there's less blood running through my body as a result. Then I crave this drink that looks like blood.
You need to try the Danish Butter Cookies with your brandy.
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Oh dude I just had an entire tin of them between now and the week before Christmas.

They were fucking good.

I did have them with the brandy a few nights...

I baked my own jam cookies a few nights ago though and I have a couple of them before the brandy.
I ate a tin a few days ago.

Half one day and half the next.
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You should also read a novel like "A Tale of Two Titties" while you sip your brandy.
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Dancing Banana 
I've been turning people on to brandy lately...

Just lil ol' me, goin' around, changin' lives!!!
Thats why so many girls named brandy are drunken sluts and strippers and even high class whores and corporate secretaries that service executives

I cant even think about it without my penis starting to rise
I gotta tell ya...

I talked shit about it at first but...

Apple's kinda winning me over.

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