Wearing yellow tinted lenses makes the world look so much better...
I feel sorry for normies who have to look at a cool toned world all day...

Tell you what...

I'll take them off when the light/tone of the world meets my standards.

Demand a warm toned reality...

Cool tones are death.

Have you ever wondered what's wrong with your life?

Cool tones.

There are solutions...
I just want you to know you have options...

I've actually gone over to lightly tinted orange lenses now and they're even better than the yellow ones...

I thought orange might be too much, but they're actually totally perfect.

Everything is so much better on the eyes now...

Everything looks so good, looks so warm and rich and vibrant.

I recommend everyone try it...

It's amazing.

I have always been sensitive to light and wearing tinted lenses helps a lot.
A lot of the complaint I've always had with corrective lenses in general is that they make everything so sharp and bright...

Which I guess is sort of the point of glasses, but...

It's just too much. Makes me feel ill.

Putting a tint on the lenses helps make things less intense and there's the added bonus of coloring the world in a way I actually approve of.
"Blue blocking" lenses are getting pretty popular now and I like the fact that they started listening and catching on that blue tinted shit is horribad...

"Blue tinted light bulbs such as fluorescents are a conspiracy to cause depression"

"Is the changing color of sunlight responsible for the declining bee population?"

"They're trying to make BLUE the new WHITE"

This 'blue blocking' movement is definitely a step in the right direction...

But I notice the lenses are still clear colored, and I really recommend taking the whole movement a step further and getting warm tinted lenses.
I feel that wearing yellow/orange lenses has improved my life by a substantial margin.
I think pilots have a yellow tint in their glasses too so they can see better in fog. I wear my glasses in fog and am usually the only person doing this on the road.
(01-10-2020, 04:10 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I feel sorry for normies who have to look at a cool toned world all day...


LOL!  They really do! They increase contrast, just like a contrast filter in photography. It makes everything seem so clear and defined. Like on a day that has blue skies with low, big fluffy clouds.... they really bring that out. It looks amazing!

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