if there is a GOD ...
then why did he make it so damn confusing to understand the Bible or all the other holy texts 

christians and jews can't even agree if  Jesus was GOD  because the texts are so contradictory 

muslims think Jesus was just a prophet 

the Old Testament seems to cheer on revenge and animal sacrifice then all of a sudden GOD has a massive personality change and becomes Jesus and  tells everyone to   act    like cowards and then kills himself  

I mean its really fucking confusing   and why should my eternal life    be determined on wether I believe  one thing or the other  

even within each    religion there   are hundreds of conflicting  sects  

you know now that I think about it the only consistent thing in each  belief system is   'the devil is bad ' 

So what kind of God would just sit back and watch    his creation  struggle to understand        a bunch of    scriptures that are very confusing  ...and yet  if you guess wrong- BAM YOU GET TO BURN WITH SATAN !  

that is sadistic bro
You give a voice to a whole lot of people who have wondered the same damn things.

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