The Wuhan Coronavirus
Lookner has become biased against Trump now. He obviously left Right Side Broadcasting back when because they like Trump more than he does.

Steve is great, I ain't hatin'... but he's a doom whore.

There are a lot of people out there who are heinously wrong about this situation... it's looking like Steve is tarding out a lil bit and in danger of becoming one of those people.

He should take a break in reporting soon. He should just spend a few days masturbating, then rest for a few days after that, then see how he feels.

Aaaaaand there it is.

Just like we said.
Wonder if Mannarino will discuss this tomorrow?
Lmao, wow.
Sometimes it sucks always being right.

Doelow is saying there's a chip system/smart dust (maybe even something in fluid form) in the coronavirus test that they shove all the way up the nose!

It's an interesting concept.

Reminds me of the stories about nasal/sinus alien implants.
I've been listening to David and it occured to me that the reason they introduced the global economic system because it's easier to crash and there wouldn't be any unaffected countries to assist the affected ones and get them back on their feet.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Putin dons hazmat suit to visit COVID-19 patients in hospital:

The FEMA Bodybins do have covers.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Is your YouTube up? I keep getting a "this page is not available/404" page.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I just looked at my YT channel so I think it's fine.
(03-26-2020, 10:43 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: The FEMA Bodybins do have covers.


But where are they stored??
I switched laptops and it came back, but the pages are a little slow.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I've been getting errors trying to load comments. YouTube has admitted to fuckery of late... who knows what kinda dumb stupid fucked up shit they're doing.
Another thought on Lookner...

He boxed himself in by calling himself "Agenda Free" and he should have just called himself/his operation Lookner.


But he's got a custom YouTube URL, and he's got 135K subs under this brand he's made...

Shrug. I guess that's just one of the dangers.

It's because he was partly stuck in the old, dead paradigm of TV. He used to write for some TV shows, so he's brainwashed by that world.

Calling yourself "TV" on the internet is stupid.

If I were him I'd just change my channel name, rebrand to just Lookner, and I'd take the kick in the nuts of the fail custom URL.

So Steve is human... that's why we love the internet and internet personalities. They bring individual realness into entertainment again, unlike TV which has been cold and dead for decades.
They've accomplished their goal with this whole coronavirus debacle.

They don't even feel the need to carry on the charade for much longer... everybody was cooperative enough, it's just not even necessary.

Now the ebolatards who doubled down on everybody dying from the COVAIDS are left holding the bag looking like idiots again. Predictable.

History repeats itself, bitches.

I kept up hot and heavy with this story for a long time...

Right on top of it, sheer excellence.

But I never went full on 2014 Ebola hysteria...

And those ebolatards were even worse with their hysteria over this coronavirus though.

Take a look at who performed how...

Learn never to trust those people again on any level. They're idiots.

Yeah, the info we saw about the makeup of the novel coronavirus was disturbing as shit... I'm not saying they didn't have me going with that nasty shit, it was definitely made to be ugly.

But damn, the reactions we've seen out of some people...

I'd say I hope we never repeat this, but I know better. Just remember who the idiots are. Anything they say, you can basically bet on the opposite.

Not saying some of them aren't likable... but you gotta see them for what they are. They're fearful and gullible... a combo the NWO has worked hard to instill within humanity for a long time.
Shitbox levels of dumb.

Don't ever be bashful in claiming your superior intelligence over these people...

Maybe throw modesty to the wayside for a minute and give yourself the credit you deserve instead.

If you're waiting for other people to do it for you, you're waiting on idiots.
We ride out the choppy waters because we're waiting to see what the idiots do... and how TPTB respond to what the idiots do.

We don't batten down the hatches because we're scared. We don't prep out of fear... we do it so when TSHTF, we don't have to go out and mingle among morons.

We can be safe and comfortable, cuz idiots gonna idiot... and it just ain't our fucking problem.
Stay prepped...

Replenish any depleted stock when you get the opportunity.

This did prove to us that sometimes resources become unavailable, so make sure you're always ready for times like this in the future.

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