The Wuhan Coronavirus
(03-29-2021, 07:17 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: In a world where countless people got Crohn's Disease and had children who were born with hydrocephalus from taking Accutane...

People are rushing to take an experimental mRNA shot??


Hell, it's hard to feel sorry for 'em.

(03-29-2021, 07:19 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Anybody wanna bet me? I bet that within a few years we're gonna hear that those who were 'vaccinated' are going to need special care (more injections?) for the rest of their lives if they want to live.

This "vaccine" is going to create so many more people who will be dependent on the medical industrial complex to survive, just like they did with diabetes/insulin.
i believe the technical term for what they're creating with an endless series of mRNA shots is 'zombie.'
rhombus will set you free.
It's interesting you say that because earlier I was speculating the damage from the vax (or the purpose of it?) might include a hampered ability to communicate with God.
the logo on the wuhan lab was the umbrella corporation logo from resident evil series, except blue panels instead of red.

early mRNA shots create auto immune and degenerative issues. further shots are designed to help with that, adding [uncontrolled] regenerative shit. that leads to cancers and tumors and deformities and more shots are needed to cull that shit. it's literal zombies.
rhombus will set you free.

The whole discussion is about this topic... partly from an astrology standpoint, but honestly in this video, David is simply telling the damn truth as loud and strong as he possibly can for people.
I really respect him for (let's be real about it) risking everything to speak the truth on a platform he's devoted every day of his life for over a decade to build...

That is someone with a big heart who truly cares about humanity, and is willing to risk it all to stand for what he believes in and speak the truth.

God bless and protect David...

I will personally never forget his devotion to the truth!
It's CRAZY that he is saying these things...

That he LITERALLY just mentioned interaction with the sun being changed in those who are vaccinated.

I talked about that on this very fucking thread, from the heart...

It was something I don't even have concrete proof of, just something I overwhelmingly felt was true.

And the fact that I'm not the only one? The fact that this is on David's heart too? What're the odds?

People better fucking pay attention, and do it right now... because that info came from the aether and nowhere else.
dude it looks like a lawnmower cut his hair , and then he throws a big yellow head band on to top the look off wtf

I threw that comma in just to irritate you mo
Gray Screen Of Death

Apparently the CV vax causes mad cow disease.

So the coming population cull is actually being carried out via the vaccines.

They seem to be saying that they're gonna blame another pathogen for all the vax damages that are going to happen.

30:00 onward getting interesting.
It never ceases to amaze me that everyone is just willingly lining up to take the shot...

They weren't FORCED.

The masses were psychologically bullied for the past year...

But they weren't forced into SHIT.

They want to cull those who would line up, those will stand for nothing, not even their own bodies...

It's not us they're targeting.
They're not altering their genes to make them better slaves, they're not trying to change their genetic lines...

They won't have any genetic lines. They'll be too fucked up and damaged at a DNA level, their line is dead from this point forward.

And that's what TPTB wanted. They wanted to cull those who are weak, in any and every way that weakness manifests.
People in my own family are going for this...

So don't think for a second I am simply shit-talking people who get vaxxed.

These are people I care about...


But the truth is what it is.
If anybody in the future asks me why I haven't had the vaccine, I am going to tell them it's because I'm an alien and I don't have to worry about any of that kinda shit.

If disclosure happens in June, people will believe it and I'll become a protected class/species anyway. Alien lives matter. It's racist to suggest we need to be vaxxed.
Most of us never knew anybody who died from the CV, or even had it...

But I think all of us are gonna know someone who dies from the vaccine.
Again, the second dose seems to be the nail in the coffin.

It's crazy that even an hollywoodite such as Russell Brand is trying to sound the alarm on this shit!

That's how you know things have gotten out of hand pretty hard.

Really crazy shit, you guys.

Wow, I just cannot believe this.
This is um, crazy shit, y'all.

Maybe we've underestimated some of these people.

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