The Wuhan Coronavirus
That may be the one single most incriminating news release I've seen that SHOWS they are winging it at every point and turn in an attempt to avoid mass panic.
Either that, or EVERY LAST BIT OF IT is LIES and they can't keep their lies straight.
Is it simple incompetence, or something else??
Quote:8 people from the cruise ship are in serious condition
Quote:Since returning to work this week, four companies in #China has reported group infection cases of #COVID19. One in Chongqing, one in Suzhou, one in Hunan and one in Shanxi.

Quote:This is war. The #wuhan gov announced today all residential complexes will be sealed up. People need to get permission to exit. My mom told me there’s only one food market in our complex, and she couldn’t even get flour. #coronavirus

They'll starve.

Quote:Confirmed case of the #virus - had flu-like symptoms while in #Hawaii. Now hospitalized with pneumonia in Aichi Province, Japan per NHK.

Quote:No doctors/nurses/equipment at quarantine facility when patients arrived -- Xiangkai, 61, woke to find that Xiangyou, 62, had died.

Quote:Harvard public heath prof Mac Lipsitch, on coronavirus: “It is likely we’ll see a global pandemic...If a pandemic happens, 40% to 70% of people world-wide are likely to be infected in the coming year.”

Quote:CDC director: Novel coronavirus 'is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year' "This 'will become a community virus'"
Quote:"Too early for optimism despite drop in new virus cases"

Chinese experts said that there may be a surge on #COVID19 confirmed recently as more cities outside #Wuhan in Hubei include clinically diagnosed cases and medical staff may face more pressure.

So essentially they're trying to prepare everyone for spikes in the numbers in the coming days...

Some have said they're going to be "catching up" the weeks long backlog of cases soon, and this news release would support that idea.
That is to say, the numbers coming out now are weeks old and they'll be attempting to catch up to the real numbers in the coming days.

They would only do that if they had decided containment was absolutely a lost cause and they need to let the rest of the world know that.
Quote:Five U.S. cities testing people for coronavirus when they have flu symptoms

Well, here it comes.
Quote:US military preparing for potential coronavirus pandemic: report
Gotta say. I’m pretty happy Trump is president right now.

Also, slightly unrelated but still kind of on topic...Pete Buttigeg’s husband is named Chasten.
His name is pronounced BOOTY JUDGE for fuck's sake.

You cannot make this shit up.
that's how you know he's an establishment puppet, when they have names like that.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
Sounds like abolishing ICE won’t be the winning election issue our pointy headed betters thought it would be. Maybe our grandpa’s weren’t so backwards after all, eh?

(02-14-2020, 06:22 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: His name is pronounced BOOTY JUDGE for fuck's sake.

And not even women's booties. Let that sink in.

(02-14-2020, 06:20 PM)Oskarmeyer Wrote: Pete Buttigeg’s husband is named Chasten. 

Never heard of a chaste gay man.

Mr. Putin has a few choice words to say about this whole facepalm-o-rama:

Russia may be the only people left standing at the end of this shitshow.

With the WHOLE societal degradation agenda, not just this virus thingy.
Quote:Jingmen announcement:
- People told to stay inside; 1 person per family can leave once every 2 days to buy basic needs
- Vehicles are banned from the urban area
- All non-essential stores are closed
- Non-residents are not allowed to enter the city

It's a total breakdown.
Talk of US State Department planning to evacuate Americans on board Diamond Princess...
Quote:Wuhan tightens lockdown, bans people from leaving their home

Goes along with earlier info that people who leave their homes will be "detained".
Ok, random thought, but you know how Business Insider runs all these pro-Progessive bullshit stories that helped the DNC spread rumors and unsupported stuff during Russiagate?

Well, what if BNO is filling that same role now for the Chinese leadership?

They are breaking a bunch of stories. Other press agencies mainly aren’t picking them up (I know that says nothing, but still). They’re keeping the mill running, though.

Say The Art of the Deal was that we would look the other way while the CCP does a political purge (maybe crack down on the millions of party officials who have invested in foreign real estate instead of party approved projects)..all the while a minor, non-state, semi-reputable, news agency breaks a bunch of dramatic stories to keep the rumor mill hot

But if you freeze shit up. Lock down cities. Quarantines. You could easily track who is firing up their internet to check on their investments in greener pastures.

Then, when you take perpetrators off to the call it a medical emergency.

People are definitely sick. But think about it. Every single virus you have ever had is you. That’s why you caught the mu’fucker in the first place, you haven’t had it. People are always getting sick with shit they haven’t had. We’re not vaccinated against everything, and this isn’t polio.

Months long protests in the streets of HK is what is all together new. They don’t want that coming to the mainland, so they’ve manufactured a crisis to ferret out the baddies.

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