The Wuhan Coronavirus
Apparently someone is making a documentary about all the sudden deaths taking place...
Undoubtedly vaxxed 25 year old Cormac Roth battled a rare cancer for a year and died...
Germ cell cancer is essentially a reproductive cancer, typically in the ovaries or testes...

And of course the spike protein settles in the testes and ovaries.

That type of cancer can end up elsewhere in the body too, but it's generally focused on those specific reproductive organs.
Julie Powell...

Quote:Oct 1, 2021
I would argue that COVID does kill some of the right people. The anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying in legions.

Vaxxed, boosted, and dead at 49 from cardiac arrest.

This was her last tweet from the day before she died...

Quote:Oct 25, 2022
So I woke up with something that's literally Black Hairy Tongue. People, including my doctor, seem to think it's no big deal, and will go away soon, but it certainly is gross.

Quote:- Black tongue is a documented AE.
- Volume of reports in VAERS .
- Google trends provides proxy data.
- She tweeted about black tongue and died the next day.
- She was 48 years old, wealthy white woman and drank a lot. Other ailments?

Don't be afraid to raise questions.
Early Warning (1981)


One of Dr. John's most important videos to date.
Hard to believe his channel is still around... wonder how this'll end for a vaxx-pusher turned truth icon?
They are dropping left and right
lol , no sympathy for bootlickers
Lisa Marie Presley, 54, dead of cardiac arrest...

Oh but that's totally normal guys...

100% normal.

Keep sleeping.
Keep fucking sleeping.

"Pfizer CEO Bourla Intercepted By Media In Davos"
Lol, of course it's age restricted... gotta censor it SOMEHOW!?

My guess is that at least half of the current global population will be dead within 40 years, for many reasons...

It's all adding up to human extinction, essentially.

Between the poisoning of 70% of the global population, coming wars and economic crashes, food and supply chain shortages, widespread disease, natural disasters...

Certain segments of society dating back to the biblical days have believed the end days were upon us...

But now they actually are. "The end" has always been coming, but it's very close.

By the late 2100s, there won't be a single human left on this planet.

So the factories/contracts set up to manufacture the "CV vaxx" until at least 2025 won't really be focusing on the vaxx, they will be manufacturing and distributing their "cure" for HIV from these locations.

Hero Fauci, the father of AIDS, is making sure a vaccine is created...

Those who received the CV vaxx will soon become aware that they acquired immunodeficiency syndrome from the shots, and they'll start freaking out...

Problem, reaction, solution.

The "HIV vaccine" will be distributed to those who have acquired VAIDS and they will have to continue taking those shots (probably on a booster type of schedule) for the rest of their lives.

They won't have a "great" quality of life, they won't be like they were before they got injected, but they'll be alive.

However, there will be a lot of people who won't be able to afford regular injections for the foreseeable future, and those people will die off during the next ~10 years, as people with AIDS normally do.

If you have a good social credit score, who knows, maybe they'll offer you a discount on your tri-yearly life maintenance booster!? How convenient.

The problem with that whole plan is that eventually, the pharmaceutical industrial complex WILL break down, just like most other societal systems over the coming decades.

When that breakdown happens, the people who depended on the shots to survive will start dying out.

70% of the world's population took the shots... within ~10 years, at least 20% of them will be dead because they either won't take the maintenance injections, or they can't afford them, or they simply will not have access to them.

Within ~30 years, most of the vaxxed will be dead regardless of whether they got the maintenance shots or not, because just like the "treatment drug" AZT killed people who had AIDS back in the '80s, their "cure shot" for HIV will also kill its recipients.

Those who take the maintenance shots will survive, with compounding health issues that will require more and more treatments/medications, thus lining the pockets of big pharma, and their quality of life will be in the shitcan the entire time.

The suffering of 70% of the world's population has been secured, these evil entities will have an energy supply to feed on for the next few decades as this unfolds. They are guaranteed cash cows who will fork over whatever little money they have left, ever dwindling, for "life saving treatment" over the next few decades as they die out.

It's the most widespread genocide in recorded history, it's the largest medical experiment that has ever been conducted.

VAIDS is an accelerated version of the original HIV. Where it used to take 10-15 years to ultimately die of the disease, it'll probably take 5-8 years for the vaxxed to deteriorate to the point of dying, barring any intervention.

Quote:In addition, heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms may be more likely in people living with HIV.

CV vaxx was intentionally made to optimize the cardiovascular/endothelial damage that AIDS causes, because this leads to quicker death.

The vaxx was rolled out as a fine-tuned form of HIV/AIDS and their plan all along was to follow it up with an AIDS "cure" shot.

Stating all of this publicly will make absolutely no difference. First of all, the damage is already done. There's no going back from that. The masses took the shots, they got the boosters, they sealed their fate and chose their allegiance.

The psychological ramifications of admitting they were duped will be too extreme, and they will line up for whatever "cure" they're provided. Some will get mad that they were so terribly deceived, and they'll choose to die rather than continue feeding from the evil hand. But that'll be a very small percentage.

The rest of them will do whatever they have to in order to receive their treatments, including selling their children and your ass too if they possibly can... because you didn't fall for it, you're healthy. They fell for it, they're sick and dying. You're a constant reminder of their idiocy and failure, a constant reminder of what they could have been.

Going forward, you have even fewer allies than you ever had before in your life. Trust no one.

(01-31-2020, 02:04 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:
Quote:UPDATE ON GENOME: a very intriguing new paper investigating the aforementioned mystery middle segment w/ "S" spike protein: likely origin from HIV. "Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag" from

The CV/HIV connection was known in January 2020, but back then it was a little too early to see where it was all going with much accuracy.

Essentially, the spike protein in the vaxx is the activator and it lasts in the body indefinitely, raising the "viral load" to an unmanageable/overwhelming degree...

This is why the vaxxed catch CV over and over again, have no natural immunity, and catch any and all other illnesses that float around in the population. Add in the organ damage the vaxx causes, the neurological damage that is ramping up among the vaxxed, and the fast acting cancers that are becoming increasingly common. It's a compounding situation that inevitably requires medical/pharma intervention, thus guaranteeing these industries unprecedented income.

The HIV vaxx will aim to "control" the "viral load" (the level of spike protein in the body), and it very well may... but it won't work forever and there will be untold complications that come along with it.

They aren't trying to save anyone's life with these subsequent vaccines they intend to introduce. It's been about killing the max amount of people they possibly could, from day one, and anything they do from here on out is merely an effort to make that process more targeted and more efficient.
I mean, yeah, we're ALL gonna die.

Suffering is inherent in life.

It's inevitable, but that's not the point...

The point of life/existence is to NOT MAKE IT ANY WORSE.

Don't make it any worse on yourself, on other people, on the animals/nature, don't make it ANY WORSE than it already WILL BE.

THAT is the point and purpose of life.

The point of life is NOT to "learn" and to "experience"... that shit is on autopilot. That's happening whether you like it or not, whether you try or not.

Our sensory system is a recording device, everything is captured.


The point/purpose of life is to NOT MAKE IT WORSE.

That's it.

That's all.

So unfortunately, anyone who took the vaxx, those who created the vaxx, those who harm themselves and others...

They're making their own lives (and the lives of others) worse.

Illness and a generally degraded quality of life is the result of taking the vaxx, and this will compound the suffering already inherent in life for those who made these choices.

We ALL make mistakes. We will ALL do things at some point which make our life or someone/something else's life worse.

But the key is to RECOGNIZE when we have made those mistakes, to not make it any worse from there, and to NOT DO IT AGAIN.

The vaxxed will now have to depend on more and more injections just so they can live with compounding health issues degrading their quality of life the entire time, and this is an example of doubling down on a mistake that you made, thus inevitably making it worse.

The evil entities who are controlling this world KNOW THESE THINGS. There are certain principles of nature that they're privy to and they USE THEM AGAINST the profane, the masses, the "unenlightened" (their words, THEIR beliefs, not mine).
And the point/purpose of life is NOT to "make the world a better place"... because the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

That's a trick.

By NOT MAKING THINGS WORSE, and then by making YOURSELF better in any way that you can achieve/maintain, you are automatically making the world a better (or at least a stabilized/neutral) place.

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