Toto/Africa: What the fuck does this song mean?
Scratching Head 

And what the hell does the VIDEO mean??
3:50 does the stack of books miss the lamp when it falls here, the second time?

Does that mean something?

If so, why is the book still on fire?

What does it mean that he's sitting atop a giant version of the book, but it isn't on fire?

Is it supposed to mean he was reading the book and just imagining the whole story?

Does it not mean dick? Whatsoever?? I just want to know.
And why does the internet like this song/vid so much? Half a billion views?
Why doesn't Reminiscing by The Little River Band have half a billion views??

It's more deserving IMO...

1:29 I loooooove the way he sits down, legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Fucking amazing music video.

And then, you have Africa/Toto...

I mean what the fuck is that even about?

It's an okay retro video, it's well done even, for the most part.

But just what the hell does it mean??
TBH, the lyrics of "Africa" SOUND good.

It sounds like it makes sense.

Who is he talking about when he says it's gonna take a lot to take him away "from you"???

Is he talking about Africa??
idk about the lyrics but walking around in the rain in Africa feels just like this song , its a thing of beauty
But it says "I bless the rain"... WTF does that mean? I thought he was saying "miss" but he's saying "bless."
I was like okay we get it, the guy wants to go back to Africa. It KINDA made sense. But now I'm confused.
"Miss" makes slight sense... "bless" does not.
I'm sure Africa is a beautiful place...

Ya know, it's big. There's a lot of it.

Gotta be beautiful somewhere.

I personally have always been intrigued by the Namibia desert beaches...

2:04 it does look a bit like paradise, especially on a day with a clear blue sky.
Those Namibia beaches are called the Skeleton Coast because all the people who got shipwrecked there and died.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
LOL right, there's no fuckin' food!

THAT'S the only problem.
Or water.
Look, just terraform a few nice freshwater streams...

About 100 coconut trees...

And we're good.
I do feel like the water should be bluer though...

Needs to be shallow and varying shades of blue and teal near the sand...

"Critiquing The Namibia Desert Sea"

So okay, here is how I interpret the video right now...

The guy wrote this song because he read a book/story about Africa.

He fell in the love with the female lead of the story who apparently according to the video looks like a 21st century pop star.

And in the story apparently the place she was working at got attacked by 100 men or more with spears.
WTF, they had another song!?

I haven't heard this one in like a million billion years ermergerd?!

It makes me nanner feel all sloppy!!!

Nana Party

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