LEAKED: Gamestop regional executives risk employees' and customers' lives for profit
Where do I even begin with this company?

First, there are all of the videos exposing how shitty GameStop treats their employees.

Then, GameStop defied government orders in California and Pennsylvania to close their stores. GameStop claimed they were "essential retail" akin to grocers and pharmacies in California, and should therefore remain open. The governor of Pennsylvania finally suspended GameStop's business license and put signs on the doors of GameStop stores saying no one may enter without protective gear.

Three days ago, YouTuber CAMELOT331 obtained the password from a GameStop employee to log onto a GameStop conference call between GameStop regional executives and GameStop store managers. That video is below. GameStop has flagged the video for deletion. I"m re-uploading it to BitChute, and will post a link to that upload when it's finished.

Why did I type the name GameStop so many times in this post? Because I want this thread to come up in search results for GameStop. Because GameStop is run by greedy sociopaths, and GameStop needs to be shut down for good.

P.S. Fuck GameStop.

(03-22-2020, 04:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: IN THIS TIME OF CRYSIS

I see what you did there, mister.
BitChute needs to fix their shit.

I waited ages for the video to upload. When it finished and I hit the Finish button, it said:

"You must upload a video file."

BitChute sucks...

I'm sorry to say it.

Often when I upload a video it never processes.

They don't automatically carry over my new uploads from YouTube anymore (haven't for months)...

Really just awful.

It's too bad.
The audience on there can be okay... decent views.

But it's way too time intensive since the auto upload no longer works, and manually uploading only works like 60% of the time, for me at least.

How in the fuck do you even add an avatar on BitChute? It's not under Profile or Settings.

Jesus Christ, what a clusterfuck of a site.
Everything with it could have been good but the uploading process (kiiinda important) is whack.
It's still the best YouTube alternative... which is sad.
(03-22-2020, 06:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Everything with it could have been good but the uploading process (kiiinda important) is whack.

Well yeah, there's that, but...

How do all of these people have avatars when there's literally no way to upload an avatar anywhere on the site?
Oh wait, I found it.

It's a tiny cloud upload icon in the righthand corner.

Because nothing says "avatar" like a tiny cloud upload icon.

(03-22-2020, 06:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's still the best YouTube alternative... which is sad.

VidMe was awesome.

Too bad it was run by swishy blue-haired SJWs.

Fuck Silicon Valley. In its ass. Without lube.
VidMe was baller.
It's never worth it to cow to the leftie agenda.
VidMe could've at least sold their software to someone who could've made a go of it after they folded.
(03-22-2020, 06:18 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's never worth it to cow to the leftie agenda.
Japanese Olympics Committee lol
After much arm-twisting, GameStop finally closes stores where required by law, implements safety practices in stores that remain open, and offers paid time off to employees.

Backstory: GameStop has been losing money for years. They started turning a profit amid the COVID-19 outbreak. They saw the pandemic as a way to cash in. It took nearly being "cancelled" to persuade them to do the right thing.

GameStop Buckles & Closes All Stores Amidst Public Outrage, Employee Protest, And State Orders

Some people never learn.

An employee working first shift at a GameStop warehouse tested positive for COVID-19 last month. Did GameStop immediately close the warehouse and send everybody home?

Hell, no. Not GameStop. They made everyone work the rest of the first shift, then had the second shift come in and work a full shift.

They said the warehouse would be closed the next day for a thorough cleaning. They closed for half a day and spot-cleaned the places where the sick employee had been.

But the guy had been all over the fucking warehouse the previous day.

Not content to merely risk the lives of employees, GameStop saw a golden opportunity to break a few Federal laws by making their own hand sanitizer and sending it out to all of their stores.

The sanitizer was pure non-medical-grade isopropyl alcohol in squirt bottles with a laser-printed label that simply read "Hand Sanitizer."

Rubbing alcohol is typically only 70% isopropyl. FDA regulations require that it be prepared by, or under the supervision of, a pharmacist or doctor.

Pure isopropyl alcohol is toxic when it absorbed by the skin. And highly flammable.

Postal regulations prohibit sending flammable materials through the mail. Not to mention the caps on the squirt bottles could pop off during shipping, posing a hazard to postal workers.


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