Gregory Mannarino (MarketReport/TradersChoice)
(03-26-2020, 09:27 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: We are a beautiful family here at Sectual.

I love us so much.

Together in electric dreams...

Group Hug
Not gonna lie, those songs lead me down a rabbit hole of truly terrible music, roflmfaololo...

I thought they were all women besides the drummer until the camera started zooming in on them.

God there was some truly terrible fucking music in the 80s.

And it all went downhill from there LMAO! Don't get me wrong!

But there's something particularly God awful about a lot of 80s music.
Oh God yeah. You know I have a Babooshka fetish. You’re really tapped in. Strangely she could even be Xena the warrior princess. Or she’s dressed in tight black like catwoman. Meow. Me outa here.


"Kate Bush is Emily Bronte reincarnated"

Well this shit got weird.
What The Fuck
Britain’s got talent. That’s all I’m sayin’.

7:46 paid shills for the central banks are the ones responsible for putting out the bogus intel that provided a perfect pacifier to the "patriots"...

It was a brilliant scheme and it's caused them to sit back and let this takeover proceed ahead almost to completion without doing a fucking thing.

They allowed their common sense to be suspended in hopes of some miraculous "plan" at the core of what's going on, but if it LOOKS like a takeover then dammit, IT'S PROBABLY A TAKEOVER.

2:00 BUY STOCKS?!? With WHAT?!?!?


4:56 - 5:23 LOL Gregory is so enjoyable to watch.

11:00 do millennials even WATCH Cramer??? I don't own a fucking TV!!!
greg says he was in the market with core positions one week before crashomundo so I am wondering why he was in the market if he already knew these profound problems with the Ponzi scene as he calls it ... it kinda seems hypocritical for him to turn around now and trash the entire market when he can buy all his core positions back at a 30% discount
He does have a sexy voice though.
I'm trying to be respectful and show restraint.

10:44 sounds like Gerald Celente wants Gregory to be his replacement... it's rather sweet and poignant.

Mannarino is starting a newsletter:
Celente is 73, he's not like SUPER mega old, but you know he's gotta be thinking ahead at this point. Gregory is a smart choice... AND he's Italian too!
He's also well dressed, which Celente loves.

1:31 fucked. 32% unemployment... worse than the Great Depression.

3:00 maybe the biggest psy-op in history... they are simply trying to stave off panic for as long as possible.

They'll all be underground by the time the masses realize what's happened and chaos ensues.

4:10 naive people will and they'll lose their asses in a big way.

6:44 no tariffs on incoming goods from China... all suspended.
If y'all haven't signed up for Mannarino's newsletter, I recommend you do...


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