It's INSANE to think that the consciousness animating us ceases to exist after death
Look how FUCKINGGGGG massive the universe (multiverse) is ...

Look at how many planets there are.

Imagine how many lifeforms there are on EVERY SINGLE planetary body.

To think that the consciousness which animates each body just CEASES TO EXIST after that one body/vehicle dies...

Well it's just so small-minded, it's truly sad.

And I'm sure this belief (or total lack of belief and imagination, LMAO) is dying out...

But it's still sad to think there are so many people who have gone through life believing that it's just simply over when we die.

So boring.
Past topic sorta related to this one...

"Can we just contemplate how absurd the traditional concept of an 'afterlife' is??"
I sure wish i could see the future for 20 minutes. Instead i lay here in my ginch full of worry and wonder.
*Googles "ginch"

*still confused

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