Depression and Environment
I've never experienced depression prior to moving to Washington State, where I lived for the past ten years. After my second son was born, my ex and I divorced and went to court, and I noticed a severe uptick in the depression. My thought was that the pressures of being a father going through a severe custody battle over two very young children was eating me from the inside out. But long after the dust settled and everything was kosher, the depression seemed to be growing as a thing unto itself, and it reached a point where it was so severe it was effecting my capacity to earn a living, so I sought help. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and was prescribed some meds. I don't fuck with meds either because I'm smart or an idiot, jury still out, so instead I just kept sinking. I told the doctor that I thought it was related to all the rain and issues that I'm facing, and she rejected that, and said I'd be dealing with the same exact depression no matter what was happening, that it wasn't situational but biological. Cut to last week: I left Washington for Colorado, and every single shred of that depression is gone. I sent a signal into my consciousness, penetrating into my subconscious via meditation and so forth, and it's just not there. It's nonexistent. I feel exactly how I felt before moving to WA. It's like reuniting with the best friend you've ever had. I woke up this morning and really confirmed that it was gone, and found myself doing a fist-pump followed by a power move, and then cracked up, and then took a giant dump. When I finish this I'm going on a hike. I feel fucking GOOD for the first time in a decade.

So now I'm thinking that environment plays a huge role in mental well being. Well, that fact is old news, but I'm talking about the overarching environment of an entire biome -- in this case the pacnw vs the big-sky mountainous region of Colorado.
The doctor was an idiot, and the jury ain't out on that one.

Location is important. I feel more depressed in an economically impoverished place like Louisiana than I do in a more prosperous place like East Texas. And that's a difference of less than 100 miles. A dreary brown place like central Oklahoma crushes my soul completely.
Something about Oklahoma lulls you to sleep. Maybe it's the 100 degree weather. But yeah, I wouldn't wanna live there. North Texas seems worse though. Never been to other parts of Texas.
Some people thrive in areas where other people don't...

You can be incompatible with a geographical location.
When I cross the state line into Oklahoma, my allergies immediately start acting up. Nearly everyone there has sinus problems year round.

North central Texas is a little better, but yeah, it's basically the same flat plains and brown grass as Oklahoma. Just less weed pollen. East Texas is more like Louisiana than central Texas as far as scenery goes. It's heavily forested.

Climate and terrain aside, there's a huge difference between Texas and Louisiana. The roads are much better in Texas. Tyler seems to have more going for it than, say, Shreveport. It looks like it's thriving.

When you enter Louisiana, the first thing you see is dozens of billboards for ambulance chasers. Personal injury lawyers are like the main industry besides oil and gas. The oil companies are the only ones getting rich. Most of the jobs are shitty, and the wages suck. I guess most people figure the only way out of poverty is winning the lottery or a lawsuit.
(03-29-2020, 11:45 AM)Guest Wrote: North central Texas ... East Texas ... central Texas...

It's crazy how fucking huge Texas is, and how different these areas are. I mean, think of Corpus Christi for fuck's sake. What the fuck IS that place? It's stuck out of time, dire, desolate; the university had a decent film dept. at one point, but the more insane faculty members drove out the actual talent. The whole town looks like a set built for a Werner Herzog film that couldn't get green lit. It's like Herzog's idea of Texas. And then you go to Austin and it's like Taos, NM merged with Gainesville, FL; and then you go to fucking Dallas, and it's like Las Vegas with cowboys and lesbian bear wrestlers. People don't realize this for the most part, but you can surf in Texas. On waves. In the fucking ocean. It should just be it's own country. Fuck Texas. Fuck it deeply and slowly.
Damn, I wanna go surfing in Texas?!

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