Murder Most Foul? The Kennedy "Curse" and Bob Dylan's New Song

Quote:Murder Most Foul (song) "Murder Most Foul" is a song by the American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan released on March 27, 2020.

Reminds me of the recent disappearance of Robert Kennedy's granddaughter and her 8 year old son...

And the Kennedy grandkids recently posting that strange video of them singing "Timber"...

So what's the dealio, for realio?

A Roger Waters song came to mind while I was watching Krystal and Saagar this morning.

Will you accept your second-class status,
A nation of waitresses and waiters?
Will you mix their martinis?
Will you stand still for it?
Or will you head for the hills?
I just can't help but think about the use of "Murder" rather than "Assassination"...

Of course the latter wouldn't flow as well, I'm sure, but...

There is very serious meaning there.

Bob must not give a shit anymore, he's got one foot in the grave and the other on a nanner peel.
7:42 I meeeeeeaaaaannnnn...
This ain't a song.
What was Jack Ruby's role? Why did he kill Lee Harvey Oswald?
I'm sure the answer is in a Mae Brussell broadcast somewhere, but it'd be like a needle in a haystack unless I could find an archive that names each of her shows by keyword.
Dorothy Kilgallen knew the answer.

She was killed Marilyn Monroe style, and all of her papers disappeared.

Wow, I knew Kilgallen died under strange circumstances, but I never realized it was so similar to Marilyn's murder...

It's so eerie to think she was killed off and "What's My Line?" was still airing at the time, how they would have had to address it in the show...

I actually found it.


These hollywank mafia fucks are so fucking sick and disgusting.
Journalism can be a dangerous job...
She published Jack Ruby's testimony in a few papers in August of 1964, and was dead in November 1965. The mob doesn't play games folks.

What is Bob trying to tell us?

If this ain't goodbye, I dunno what is.

I gotta tell ya...

He's making quite a leaving statement.
Dylan had his crossroads experience.

He was generally regarded as a middle-of-the-road musician by his peers, then he suddenly became a musical genius. Not unlike some of that Laurel Canyon bunch.

He's stated in several interviews that he sold his soul to "something" in exchange for fame and fortune, but he won't say what.

When you're standing in the crossroads, every highway looks the same.

Catchy tune, but wrong. One of the highways must have an allure compelling enough to seal the Faustian bargain. Otherwise it isn't, by definition, a crossroads moment.
I guess they're about to reap him or something.

  Flipoff Nana Bananasex2 Drummernana Guitarnana Jumpingnana Nanawoot Multinana Sockitnana
(06-12-2020, 01:31 PM)Guest Wrote:

18:50 damn...

This is a fucking amazing video...

It seems like the story of Dorothy Kilgallen is FINALLY being told, some 55 years later...

Just unbelievable.

You know what though...

Dorothy was kind of hauntingly beautiful...

I think that's why this guy is so dedicated to this story.

He said that she "Chose" him to write her story...

So obviously he's saying it's some sort of spiritual mission that was put on his heart.

But I don't think Dorothy's beauty can be discounted as a contributing factor.
24:11 he gets into explaining how Dorothy died/was found dead...

Suspicious as fuck, man.

God this is so huge and it's just so terrible that decades upon decades can go by without any fucking justice whatsoever.

24:46 "FBI" stormed and confiscated all her material, just like they did when Tesla died.

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