My fanta see
I would like for mo to read me bedtime stories and put me to bed in my bigboy crib. See i built this solid wood crib for men that prefer to wear diapers and jammies to bed and long for the touch of a tender woman who could maybe even change my diaper and powder my privates. I wanna suck my soother as i gaze at her bountiful bosom and drift off to sleep. I also want mo to measure me every few days and fuss over my size and stature. Also bathtime dont forget darling mommy lots of bubbles and gentle strokes but somedays i am naughty and get paddled
I think two things are pretty clear...

1. OP is a water sign.

2. OP's childhood/relationship with their mother was whack.

You seem to express yourself very successfully though OP...

I think your creativity has been your saving grace in life and certainly sets you apart from anyone else who had a hard time early in life but didn't turn out as well.
This is an odd fantasy. It's also a bit odd when young women lust after men old enough to be their father. Of course that might also be rooted in childhood trauma.

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