Hi I'm MO, and PMS turns me into a brazen psychopath, ask me a question!?
(05-04-2020, 11:34 PM)Guest Wrote: my kitty and i made turds in the sandbox today at the park but we made sure to predig our holes and cover up nicely , is this good park etiquette?

The other cats and children will appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
PMS is so bad, you guys.

It's so bad.

I'm so serious.


For real.

Just be grateful you're a man.
It goes away eventually. Post menopausal women are the best.
That's really beautiful man, thanks for the optimism and hope! If I live I'll be old someday!
Chamomile tea. It helps.
(04-06-2021, 07:29 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: Chamomile tea. It helps.

I think a nice hot, clear tea is a great tool for calmness.
Anything with cream in it or straight up coffee with cream is more associated with being hyped.
I hearken back to my herbalism books and when I used to drink all those crazy teas!
What I don't understand is how woman deal with carrying another lifeform inside of them for a fucking year, especially given that it just gets heavier and heavier and more and more draining, with the light at the end of the tunnel being that this 11 pound human comes tearing out of you in one of the most painful experiences anyone can endure while conscious, and sometimes it takes hours... even days! I would never want to have to experience that. I just can't fathom having a baby inside of my fucking body for a year.... fucking MOVING.... yaaaaahhh! I mean, I get weird if I haven't pooped in a day.
Yeah it's totally disturbing, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the PMS! Lmao!

I've heard babies referred to as parasites and I think that's pretty accurate.
(04-06-2021, 05:10 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: PMS is so bad, you guys.

Out of all the shitty biological "fuck you's" that humans have to endure, this is probably the worst. I hope you get some relief soon.
(04-06-2021, 09:11 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've heard babies referred to as parasites and I think that's pretty accurate.

We were that once. <3

Thank you, Mom! I love you. You'll probably never read this, though. 

I don't know if it's a scorpio thing, but I find the emotional intensity of PMS and especially pregnancy really affecting, it's like I can feel the intensity of it, almost like it's happening to me, and even though it's not comfortable, I just really appreciate any kind of intensity in life, when it's naturally occurring (as opposed to people who create drama in order to experience a more controlled sense of emotional intensity, which is fake and shitty).
I'm gonna have to write an expose on the process of PMS, the triggers that bring on certain lines of thought...

I figured for a long time these were just MY feelings and thoughts, a PMS experience unique to me...

But now I realize that it's likely most other women (or at least the ones who are similar to me) probably have the same exact feelings, thoughts, etc. and might not even know it's all connected.
Humankind is a massive victim to nature, and I think it's very sad.
A hormone induced, torturous prison of the mind...

It's like this cloud that comes over you.

I went for about a week with absolutely no semblance of this feeling whatsoever...

I remember thinking "Wow, as decent as I feel right now, I just can't imagine being in that other state of mind."

When you're not under the influence of those hormones, everything is okay and it's hard to even imagine feeling that bad.

Those windows of 'normalcy' are very brief. My mom used to tell me when she was my age (younger than I am now, as I've heard this from her for years) she would have 'about one good week' per month of no PMS, and the rest of it was tinged with some type of menstrual cycle related feelings of depression, psychotic emotions, irrational anger.

And I was like ONE WEEK per month? I couldn't relate to it. At all. Fast forward to now... uh, yeah I get it.

So it seems like mom had some kinda hormonal imbalance back in the day, and I fucking do too. So did her mom. That's what's been wrong with every fucking one of us. It must be genetic... some kind of genetic tendency toward hormonal imbalance.
I'm diligently taking a high quality womens' multivitamin now, so hopefully that'll do something.

I dunno man...

These types of feelings just straight up fucking suck, and they make me sad and mean.

I'm so tired of feeling this way and it's gotten sooo much worse than it used to be.

My life has been this cycle of hormonal torment with the saddest, worst fucking feelings you can possibly have...

For like 3 years now.
There's this feeling that wells up, and it's like I'm going to start SOBBING, like ugly crying/scream sobbing.

For no reason whatsoever, besides just this hormonal influence...

I wonder which hormones these are, or what combination of factors etc. causes these terrible feelings.
I may like... casually do a quiet sentimental cry every now and then, but I am not a randomly cry a bunch for no reason kinda mofo.
And I don't actually end up sobbing, it's just the FEELING of it, in my chest, throat, etc. you know how it feels when tears 'well up'.

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