Dick pics...
I'm really over it.

If you've never sent dick pics, I respect you.
I mean to anybody, not just to me.
The best dick pic I ever got was on MySpace when some random stranger wrote my name on his dick.

That was awesome... I think he did it for all the girls, that was his gig.

It was brilliant and funny. And totally unsolicited. He had a great sense of humor.
Your dick doesn't matter... it's the personality that dick is attached to.

I'm growing more and more adverse to the reproductive aspect of the human manifestation as time wears on...

Dick and pussy is just so bizarre.
Haa.. i have never sent a dick pic because there was nobody to send it to, at least not anyone that wanted or asked for it. And who would be stupid enough to do that without fear of being arrested. Nowadays that could get you life in prison if you send to the wrong SJW. I would need proof that they asked for it.
Dick pics are almost ALWAYS unsolicited. In fact, I've only ever asked ONE dude for a dick pic (in a round-about kinda way) and he never fucking showed me, the bastard. The one time you actually want one. Every other time I never asked. And a lot of the time it doesn't bother me. But lately man I'm just like tired of it. What the fuck does sending me a dick pic even MEAN? Seriously.
And what I absolutely can't fucking stand is the dirty places these pics are taken in like... there's always a dirty room around just denoting a fucking slob, or there's like all kinds of lint and food stuck to the shirt or some shit. I don't care how great your dick is... are you trying to get me to come over and lint roll your fucking shirt or clean your bathroom? Because that's ALL I can think about when I see that shit. I can't FOCUS on your dick. All I can think about is all the fucking work I'd have to do if I was your girlfriend. Gross.

So many dick pics from so many dudes and the story is always the same. You know the cleanest dick pics I ever got were from a gay arab dude who was trying to get a green card.
And I used to talk to this HOT AS FUCK Canadian dude who sent me pics of him fucking his girlfriend. Also the wrong kind of dick pics to send. That was a nice dick though, man I really miss that guy.
Do dudes think chicks masturbate to dick pics?? Because I'd say like 80% of the time they absolutely don't.
Also, keep your fucking face OUT of dick pics. And all nudes actually. But ESPECIALLY dick pics.

Unless you are a hot as fuck underwear model type of motherfucker with a 25 year old Brad Pitt meets porno star kinda cum face... stop. No.
Ya there goes that idea. There is no point anyways except to be funny maybe. So if i did it, it would have to be under funny circumstances.  Maybe have my dick cought in the elevator door..ouch..ok maybe have my dick hanging out as i walk down the hallway with others watching...no thats not a good idea.. Oh i know..remember the chick i told you about that lives in my building? Ill knock on her door with my dick in my hand but ill take a picture of her face instead..that would be classic.
quietly leaves thread without respect
Well you sure the fuck didn't send 'em to me.
not my fault you weren't on stickam, where a significant amount of people bore witness.

i don't send pics unsolicited... but on cam in rooms... SURPRISE GENBONER!

rip stickam and my horrible behavior.
Well it's better than sending actual pics that can be kept forever.
If i did that you wouldnt see my face and neitherbwould that chick cause i would have on a alex jones mask. This is becoming a good idea the more and more i think about it and its kind of your fault gor pittong the idea in my head.
(04-12-2017, 05:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If you've never sent dick pics, I respect you.

Not only have I never done that, but I've never even owned a cell phone 
with a camera OR internet capabilities! Awww yeeeaaah bitches!!

**walks around room to ^ 5 everybody**
**nobody raises their hand**
**continues prancing stylishly towards the door a la Gob Bluth**
That's honestly pretty fuckin' baller dude.

Pretty smart.

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