Twitter is the bluebird of "sadness"
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I say some weird shit on twitter; not gonna lie and most of it appears to be the work of

someone severely deranged and I'm not wanting "followers" nor do I follow anyone.

It's just shit done "for the lulz."

Anyway.... I logged into my account today after a 3 week break and I find I

have a follower (the only one actually) and look to see who and I'm like wow.... I guess I acted a bit "too" deranged. 

The account isn't actually completely bat shit crazy; it is a hot mess though. I'd say it was quite schizophrenic.  

The "group" following me (out of 544 other people they follow) is "Yale Social Media Research Group"[b]ale Social Media Research Group[/b]


Time to quit posting I guess; unless they pay me for services rendered. 

Twatter is pretty crappy anyway. 

Pretty much every social media "tool" is shit....unless you're using it for business. Trust me; no one actually

cares what you have to say; only how you'll respond to what they say. 

Maybe I should be called:  Miss Ann Thropy. 

I'm not feeling it; kinda anti-feeling it. Fuck it. Video game day!

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