Crocs Kadee flip flops are the best...
If you're a half-size, just size up to the next one.

These are fucking amazing...

I got my original ones in the store.

But I just got another pair today from eBay and they're fucking amazing.

My other pair is 4 years old at this point and it was interesting to compare the wear on them to a basically new pair (as far as I can tell).

The original ones are soft and certain areas are worn down.

There seem to be no signs of them giving out.

But I wanted another pair because two is one and one is none, after all.

Besides I just think the color/design is cute.

They have them in a lot of colors on Amazon but the problem is the reviews state they often arrive way too small because somebody's been keeping them in a too-hot warehouse which causes this kind of material to shrink.

So never keep them in the heat.

And there were concerns that Amazon's stock were knock-offs.

Too many negative reviews to toss the dice on.

eBay is a good source. You can also buy them from obviously but...

As you can see by the message on their site, they are experiencing warehouse/shipping delays...

The shit's all made in China, sooo yeah. LOL. In the future eBay will probably be the only source and they'll probably be $300.

But let's not talk about that.

Certainly the best flip flops ever made.

I've never had another style from Crocs...

They are probably just as good...

But I have read some styles of the flip flops are much narrower and I don't prefer that.

I like a certain thickness, not thick, but not thin. For example, I'd avoid their platform flip flop style because I think it'd be a bit too heavy and I've read that it wasn't soft like people were expecting it to be.
This reminds me of buying a new pair of leather boots in Moscow off a street vendor who could speak no English.
When the sole of my current boots was falling off so I needed some fuckin boots.
And then this KGB like guy with a briefcase comes along and translates so I could buy some fucking boots.
Aww that was so nice of him. Sounds pretty hot too.
Russians make me wanna do the sex.
He was a good dude he seemed 6"4 skinny, but highly stressed out, I dunno I got me boots all I cared about at the time.
This was after I almost got shot in the head in St Petersburg but we will leave that story for another day.
How hot is this lol read the txt hahahahaha
I just gotta say it again...

I love these flip flops.

They are sooo comfortable and perfect.

I got some from Amazon not too long ago, two pairs actually.

The same size.

But one pair was noticeably smaller than the other, and still fit me perfectly regardless.

If you're thinking about whether or not you should get them on Amazon, I'd say go ahead.

Not that they have a shit ton in stock or anything...

In fact, it's hard to say they'll be available for too much longer.

My guess is, when they're gone they're gone.
(05-27-2020, 05:15 PM)ELFUNGLIVES Wrote: He was a good dude he seemed 6"4 skinny, but highly stressed out, I dunno I got me boots all I cared about at the time.
This was after I almost got shot in the head in St Petersburg but we will leave that story for another day.

I was trying to hook up with a pretty girl    named lena in st Petersburg and  I even  chatted with her mother  . Then one day I received a very strange letter from        a Russian military dude     based in Chechnya  basically threatening my life if I kept after  sexy lena .
Dude listen these flip flops are basically unisex, like...

I don't care if you're a man. You NEED these flip flops.


I thought I already said that on this thread but I guess not.

I guess I debated it or something...

There are probably mens' versions of these flip flops...

Let me look.

The title says Unisex but the URL says women.

I think they're all unisex TBH.

The Kadee model is definitely wide enough to fit a dude foot.
I challenge a dude to buy some of these flip flops in your size and see if it works out.

Here they are in black...

They go up to size 11.

Typical dude foot size is like 10.5.
yes I will buy those flip flops I guess

these garden ones look cool too
If you really buy the Kadees, you gotta let me know how it works out.
Yes darling. I want us both in these awesome flip flops . i might even try a lovely floral pattern
Get the black ones man they're the ones most likely to be in stock in your size.
Let me be totally clear though...

I am NOT saying these are flattering shoes.

I am not even saying I think they're cute.

For real.

It ain't about none of that.

It's about durability, washability, and absolute comfort.

These shoes have ALL that.

What I don't like about them or ANY backless sandal style shoe in existence is the sticking to your heels bit where it makes THAT SOUND with every step you take.

LOL, no. It's not cute. It's not sexy.

But it's comfortable, affordable, functional, and incredibly easy.

They don't get caught on stuff when you're walking either...

There have only been a handful of times, probably less than 3 times (over the course of ~4 years) that I have ever caught the front of the shoe in any way.
I used to wear these shoes standing at the computer all day...

They were the only shoes (of ANY kind) that were bearable to wear and comfortable/soft enough for that duration.

I'm not really on the computer a ton anymore, I'm a lot more mobile now and just use a tablet (with keyboard) whenever I'm online, but I do still wear them just about every day.
Are they lesbian shoes?


Am I a lesbian?

"Lesbian shoes" rofl.

God I love me.
Group Hug
It's true though.

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