Joe Rogan sold out to Spotify and now his show is screwed...
He could only see the dollar signs...

It's pretty bad when even the slags at YouTube are in the "less evil" position.

Blinded by all the zeros after that 1...

Now he loses everything.

I've always thought Joe was a two-faced game player.

For his own sake, I hope he really was just a plant all along, cuz if not, this BS he signed off on isn't going to feel good.
So are they only going to be audio podcasts now?
Doubt I'll fuck with it. I only watch a very small percentage of his
shows on YT anyway. Most of his guests are a waste of time.
I actually have no idea what the format is gonna be man...

I only know it was like a massive fuckup.

They may just put podcasts on there and still have their video on YouTube.

Not really sure...

But I boycotted Spotify YEARS ago for other reasons...

I definitely wouldn't use it, I heard it's not even free.
I use Spotify, the free version. The ads are ridiculous. It used to be two 10 second
blurbs or videos and now it's 3 and sometimes 4 ads in a row ranging from 10 to
30 fucking seconds, EACH! And they expect people to pay $10/month to go ad free?

They can eat a grain silo of dicks! Hamster dicks at that, so they're all tiny and chewy
and gross like maggots. The fuckers. I don't use it as often as I once did purely because
the fucking ads are so distracting and lately, it takes FOREVERRRR to load.

No way I'm paying SHIT for music unless I can hold it in my hand.
Agreed, there's no way I'd pay for that shit.

Not a chance.

I don't believe in using apps to listen to music on a 'cloud' or whatever kinda dumb shit they're spewing these days.

If it ain't saved on my computer or on a CD, I don't fucking bother with it.

One exception is YouTube, I'll listen to songs on YouTube now sometimes since they made the "Loop" thing possible (right click).

But I'll still eventually get a copy of the song and just listen to it on my device.
A lot of the pull behind Spotify early on was celebtards trying to share their music lists with their fanbases.

Like I give a shit what some sponsored celebtard is listening to... uh, fuck no, I don't.

If I want to share what I'm listening to, I'll make a thread on MY OWN DAMN WEBSITE about it, or I'll make a YouTube playlist that is public on my channel.

I'm not gonna use some weird, squirrely app to do it.
That's what he gets for talking shit about the form of Kung Fu called "Wing Chun." 

That's what Bruce Lee studied and practiced before forming his own style, bwahahahah
He probably don't give 2 fucks for 100 million I mean what a waste of money anyway his show is ok sometimes but its not worth 100 million.
Now spotify is going to make him do what they want him to do so the creativity will be gone.
Probably add a touch of propaganda and mind control with it.
I don't use spotify so I wont be seeing it.

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