Alan Moore: Language, Writing and Magic

4:36 +10 points for sure of the term 'ghost in the machine'...

I discussed the topic here:

5:16 I think he's a fairly compelling speaker, but I can tell he'd definitely be a formidable writer.

5:30 I thought he was saying "spice" at first and I was like wut. But then that made me think of Dune, and in a way it was useful.
If you're talking about comic book writers though, you gotta give me Grant Morrison...

I love that guy.
^^^One of the greatest videos I've ever seen, hardcore matrix hacking truth.
No BS, it's that good...

Gotta watch it all.

Here is a related thread with more info:

"The Invisibles: 90s Comic Book Series by Grant Morrison, Claims He Channeled Aliens"

This is always my fave tidbit of trivia...

Quote:The title initially sold well but sales dipped sharply during the first series, leading to concerns that the series might be cancelled outright. To counteract this, Morrison suggested a "wankathon" in the hope of bringing about a magical increase in sales by a mass of fans simultaneously masturbating at a set time.

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