Media is not your friend right now...
No Way 
You should see how baller my life looks at the moment...

We have lived in the height of decadence for years.

All this fear BS is MIND CONTROL.

It's mental manipulation, and emotional (loosh) harvesting...

The news is trying to mind control program people right now...

And they've always done it, but right now they're laying it on super thick.

The is some of the weirdest shit ever seen in recent history.

They've ALWAYS been brainwashing people.

Don't allow yourself to be brainwashed, overwrite the reality with what you want.

They can't take your power away from you, they can only con you into submission.
NO MEDIA is your friend right now.
LOL, I am just saying.
And people have REALLY been showing their true colors on the net of late too...


You know it, you've seen it.

You've seen people showing their true colors.
It's really getting striped down to the metal now.
Thank U! ███ Earth ███ U Think?


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