The truth about being attracted to older men...
What is CERTAIN is that I am a loner...

I am not a "people person"...

This world, society, humanity??

It's a shitshow.

There is absolutely no reason to contribute to this retarded situation.

The older I get, the more I see that reproduction is a TRICK that is usually successfully played on people when they're still too young and dumb to see what a horrible mistake it truly is.

Nature depends on that.

I am not under the illusion anymore, and while I do not want to live to be old and smelly, I am glad that I am old enough to start seeing the truth...

It's a strange dichotomy, on one hand, I am just completely repulsed by old people life. On the other hand, I am glad to get older.

There's a happy medium...

I don't think there's any reason to live past a certain age, yet I don't lament becoming older either...

I'd rather see the truth for the absolute retardfest it truly is than to be young and dumb as fuck, totally used at every point and turn by nature, men, etc.

It's better to know the truth and die than it is to live in a lie.
I turn my back on everyone...

I guess that's all I have to say about it.
It might be fine to be old if you were able to just keep to yourself and not have to deal with anyone.

But to be legitimately elderly (in any situation) is definitely not a good thing.

Legitimate elderliness doesn't come until about 70.
For the most part, I just find people in general to be absolutely disturbing.

I think everything they do is stupid. Everything they care about is stupid.

I'm sorry, honestly, if that sounds bad, I'm sure it is bad.

I'm sure that's the wrong way to feel and that I am just a total douche.

But I cannot lie. I will not lie.
Everything they care about is stupid.

Sex? Stupid.

Status symbols? Stupid.

Relationships? Stupid.

The past? Stupid.

The future? Probably stupid. I mean just look at human history so far...

What're the odds that humanity will suddenly shape up and stop being dumb?

Not great, just a guess...

All the things I used to care about are stupid.

Most of the things I used to want are stupid.

Mostly everybody I've ever known is just stupid.

Pretty much everyone I've ever heard of sounds stupid.

Mostly everything people do is just stupid shit.

Most of the things people want are just stupid shit, especially tangible things.


And feeling that way about it...

Makes me take refuge in only myself, and makes me want to avoid other people entirely.

Their choices, the ongoing consequences of their choices, their attitudes and behaviors...

It's all disappointing, disgusting, fail, pointless, and ultimately a waste of time to even bother with.
And I think one of the most insanely disappointing things I've ever experienced...

Is without question the idiocy I've witnessed out of intelligent/genius people that I have known.

You can be a genius, and still be totally retarded in certain ways.

I have seen even the most brilliant, smart, strong people make the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons, and then deal with a never-ending onslaught of consequences.

That is the most disappointing thing I've ever seen.
I've made mistakes too, I suffer consequences of stupid choices as well.

I am NOT saying that I don't...

I'm not saying I am actually perfect.

ALL I am saying is that I AM ME.

I wake up as me EVERY DAY.

That means I am the ONLY person I truly have to deal with.

And I have to act accordingly, based on that fact.

Yes, I am biased toward myself, and you should be biased toward yourself too.
if what this crazy person writing this thread were true ,cats and dogs with great sense of smell would all run away from old peoples homes

maybe the ones you run into are just making their depends do double duty

refute that little woman
(06-28-2020, 05:24 PM)Guest Wrote: if what this crazy person writing this thread were true ,cats and dogs with great sense of smell would all run away from old peoples homes

Dogs/cats aren't affected by human smell in the same way as humans are.

And you can't compare other animals to humans on any level...

Humans are the most fail animal on this planet, there is no comparison to them.

(06-28-2020, 05:24 PM)Guest Wrote: maybe the ones you run into are just making their depends do double duty

Like I said earlier, we're not talking about body odor... we're talking about pheromones.
If I was blindfolded and you brought a sweatyass old dude in the room and told me to guess who it was... I would be able to tell you that it's a sweaty old dude, guaranteed.
I'd guess it was either a sweaty old dude, or a sweaty old lady.

A sweaty old person.

I would know it.
Man I guess it's only been in like the past couple years that I've REALLY been able to smell people...

Well I could always smell 'em and was always either repulsed or attracted, but...

It's only in the past few years that I have been almost damn near fucking triggered by it.

Like I said, this is people of all ages, I am not just referencing old fuckers.
Old man smell has always been straight nasty and I've heard people from all walks of life bitch about it, including dudes.

People just be weirded out by it and shit.

Whenever you hear people talking about "old lady smell" it's usually caused by some nastyass perfume they used.

That's what I've always assumed. Some kinda nasty perfume that stays all over everything.

But now I'm wondering if I was wrong and it's not the smell of some gross "old lady" floral perfume and maybe it's just the way old chicks smell.

I am honestly not sure.

But old man smell, I do know is natural.

I just thank God in heaven I've never been with any legitimately old dudes and had to get that smell on my body.

The older dudes I've been with have at least still been young enough not to have the old man smell yet.

And I've also never been with anybody who's pheromones disgusted me.

Thank God.

Even if I am never in a romantic relationship of any kind ever again, at least I can just die knowing I never had to experience that, or be bought by and have to deal with the old man smell up close and personal.

I'm so fucking grateful.
But the pheromones though...


I have experienced both sides of the coin, to extremes.

Young good looking dudes who I'd NEVER want to fuck simply because the pheromones disgusted and repulsed me.

Then on the other hand, good looking dudes older than me (but not that much older) who I didn't notice any particular smell about 'em but whose mere presence made me FILTHY WET.

It kinda seems like...

If you don't notice a smell, that's the best case scenario.

Cuz it seems like if you do notice a smell, it's never good.

Again, we're talking pheromones, we're not talking body odor.

Cuz I could get into experiences and details, but I'm not going to.
And I have a theory about why my feelings on this issue are sooo strong right now.

But I am not gonna get into it.

If my theory was better formed, perhaps I would...

It's one of those things that can only be proven in time.

So if in time my theory is proven correct and the internet is still around, I may share it.
But I'm not gonna just share some bullshit theory that I don't entirely believe in yet.
(06-28-2020, 06:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If you don't notice a smell, that's the best case scenario.

Cuz it seems like if you do notice a smell, it's never good.



I have neverrrrrr noticed a natural body smell that I thought was attractive.

People wear cologne or whatever, but the nose knows.

It's not the same as pheromones, even dumb people ain't tricked by that.

Nope, ANY time I noticed a smell, it's never been good...

It's never been an attraction, it's always been a repulsion.

I think the GOOD pheromone reception is always subconscious...

I don't think it's ever consciously noted that you think somebody smells good.

I think it comes through as pure desire for them sexually, it's never interpreted as a smell.

Whereas, when the pheromones are bad, it's interpreted as a smell, and is repulsion.
And you know what...

If you've got the hots for somebody on the internet?

Then that shit is a LIE because if you haven't met 'em, you haven't smelled 'em.

You can't smell pheromones through the fucking internet.
That said...

I think there's something sort of non-physical, something in the mental realm that takes place with online romantic attraction...

It's like an energetic signature. It's like the internet's version of pheromones.

Do I think it's a fail-safe method of determining that you really would be attracted to someone in person though? Nah.

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