The truth about being attracted to older men...
If you're exorbitantly wealthy, none of this applies to you. Just stop reading now.

If you don't have money to spend, if you're ugly, not cool, not fun, and have nothing in common (interests, opinions, hobbies, etc.) with younger chicks, they do not fucking want you.

Stop trying to get with them because you think they're attracted to just ANY older dude...

It's fucking embarrassing and they are disgusted by you. Now that doesn't mean that the skankiest ones won't be willing to fuck you... they probably will. What a prize.

Unless you're special somehow, like you used to be famous, or you have some kind of influence, or you are known for something cool, or you're likable somehow, or you just have lots of resources...

They don't want you JUST because you're an old guy.

Now listen, you don't have to be insanely rich to get young chicks to be with you, but if you're not at least willing to spend a bunch of money on them, they're not going to want you. But the ones that you get won't be the highest quality if you don't have good game and other reasons for them to like you...

The quality is gonna match whatever you're willing to spend on them. That simple.

If you're an older dude who is good looking for your age? Well just the same as when you were young, and just the same as the young women get doted on... you will make it farther with younger chicks solely because you're non-ugly.

If you're a non-ugly old dude, enjoy your privilege... you have a chance to bang young bitches solely because you're non-ugly. I'll give you a tip... show them pics of you when you were young and actually hot. They LOVE that! 

I think this needed to be explained because I notice that older dudes seem to think chicks want to bang JUST because they're old. LOL!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


If young chicks like you, it's DESPITE your oldness. Never because of it.

Another thing you need to understand?

You men smell different once you get over 45 or 50.

Yeah yeah yeah, women do too, blah blah blah, we all know you hate women, just shut the fuck up.

You fucking smell like an old man when you hit 50 and younger women are fucking disgusted by it...

So my advice to you? If you're gonna try to get young chicks, you better have money to spend (especially if you're ugly), you better be FUN and COOL and TRY to have some YOUTHFUL qualities about you in your spirit or something...

You gotta make it WORTH them having to deal with your smelly old man zest, because when you start sweating, it doesn't get better hon.
Good talk...

Group Hug
Even the best looking older men start to smell "that way"...

So this is something you good looking old dudes need to remember if you have no money and just expect your looks to get you in the door...

You better have redeeming qualities and benefits that go beyond just being good looking...

Under 55 it might be fine, but beyond that it's just not worth dealing with you.
my dad threw me in a volcanic lake at the age of 4 to teach me how to swim and had a big laugh about it
You probably can't smell yourselves.

We're not talking about body odor here...

I dunno what is responsible for it.

It's just that "old man smell" that leaks from every pore.

I will say this though...

I know a handful of dudes between 50-55 who don't have that problem yet...

They are freakishly young looking and exceptionally good genes.

But for you normal dudes, no...

You have the smell, and the smell is an absolute sexual deterrent.

You are physically disgusting to young women, but they will deal with you if it's worth it enough.

That's the bottom line...

They don't want you because you're old.

Just because you're old doesn't mean a young chick is going to want to have sex with you for literally no reason.

Maybe stop watching so much porn and work on yourself instead.
(06-28-2020, 03:30 PM)Guest Wrote: my dad threw me in a volcanic lake at the age of 4 to teach me how to swim and had a big laugh about it

Well I'm sure he smelled fucking repulsive at the time...

And now you're all grown up, probably good looking, and likely have at least 10 good more years before you have to worry about the smell.
mo , did you get rejected by a senior at church today ?
And to be fair, the smell can be a problem at any age...

I've met young dudes who I wouldn't want to have sex with because their smell repulses me.

Pheromones or whatever.

But I am just telling you men, when you get old...

It's a whole other level.

If you smelled bad to some women before, you're gonna smell like that PLUS old man.

And if you smelled great to a woman, you're probably still gonna be okay, but you will start to smell like old man.

There is nothing that can be done about it... at all. Ever.

Say you're with a woman who's about 20 years younger than you.

She's 25 and you're 45.

Past 55, you're gonna start smellin' like a fuckin' old man...

Things are gonna change and she is not genuinely gonna want to have sex with you anymore.

If you notice a change around these ages, that's what it is.

A lot of men get comfort out of the fact that they can pay or otherwise provide resources to younger women to feed off their youth...

And I am glad they get that comfort, but if you're not exorbitantly wealthy...

They will not want you past 65 or so. Once you start getting that "elderly" look in your eyes, coupled with the smell, you gotta have more and more and more money to keep them around and make it worth it for them.

Nobody wants that nasty old man smell rubbing off on their much younger skin.
(06-28-2020, 03:37 PM)Guest Wrote: mo , did you get rejected by a senior at church today ?

You're under 45, so I am not sure what you're salty about.

This thread isn't necessarily about my own experiences...

But if I said that I wasn't repulsed by the smell of older men, I would be lying.

In fact, I would say...

Once you get that smell, if you don't have a lot of money, you won't get laid by younger women.

Even if you are still decent looking for your age.

There's a definite cut off point for men (naturally) and money CAN break through that wall.

But without money/resources, once you start smelling, you are not gonna be wanted.

That age is usually 55-65 depending on the man...

Again like I said, I've known men who were 50-55 who were young in spirit, great looking condition, and didn't smell fucked up yet.
And yes, older women smell nasty too...


But what the fuck do I care??

I'm not into women, and I will be dead before I ever get a chance to start smelling like an old lady.
Old people are generally disgusting anyway, but that is just my OPINION rather than fact...

And everything stated in this thread up to this point has been pure and total fact.
(06-28-2020, 03:44 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I will be dead before I ever get a chance to start smelling like an old lady.

Thank fucking God.
That old people smell...

Pheromones are a thing at any age...

Some people are repulsed by some peoples' smell.

Others are attracted.

You can be great looking and still repulse people with your pheromones.

But that is a separate issue (truly) from the old people smell.
I'm specifically discussing the old people smell in this thread because I truly do not believe it's a topic that gets enough discussion.

It's real. It's serious. It's nasty.
It can't even be helped.
It needed to be said...

You hear people bitch and whine all the time about how nasty women are when they get old, well, lmao...

Let's not overlook how repulsive men are when they get old too.

You're both equally fucking repulsive.

And at the end of the day, anyone can pay anyone to be their friend...

Old, young, male, female...

You can buy company.

It's nothing groundbreaking that older men can buy the company of younger women...

It isn't special.
I am not attracted to older men
I actually took a few minutes to reflect back on all the older men I have ever been attracted to.

Many of them were popular/famous when they were younger, or exceptionally good looking.

The rest were people I had true and honest things in common with that enhanced our connection and therefore made them attractive in my view.
The older you get as a woman, the older "older men" need to be in order to really seem that much older.

That said, I still consider men who are 15+ years older than me to be "older" men technically...

If you were old enough to drive and bang a ton of chicks when I was still in the womb? You're an older man.

Generally I find myself feeling disgusted by everyone these days, not just smelly older men.

I think everyone is totally fucking annoying, dumb, disappointing, and just totally not worth being around.

Furthermore, my disdain for older people just keeps getting worse. I don't blatantly hate old people, and I don't consider myself an ageist...

But if my dislike for old people gets too much more developed, I might have to start considering that I could in fact be an ageist.

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