Streaming sites locking popular users into contracts and then FUCKING THEM HARD

They did this to Joe Rogan too...

But it's worked out differently for Joe (so far) than it worked out for Dr DisRespect.

Dr DisRespect agreed to a massive contract with Twitch, but now has suddenly been banned permanently from the platform.

They locked him into a contract so he legally can't work with anyone else, and then they terminated him...

So he can't legally appear anywhere, and he can't be on Twitch either.

They are trying to act like Spotify is the resistance to this massive deplatforming issue taking place across all these social media ghettos.

They're saying Dr DisRespect is trying to start a Spotify shootoff platform called "Brime"...

But I bet you anything Spotify is in on it themselves and they're gonna get Joe Rogan too.

Time will tell.
Twitch and Spotify are probably working in tandem to fuck Dr DisRespect so hard that he can't even legally appear on any of these sites anymore...

It's called a monopoly.

They have a lot of different tactics of deplatforming people these days.

Take for example what they did to Alex Jones...

Alex wasn't under contract with anyone, including YouTube even though they tried to get him to agree to an ad money deal which he refused.

He's a free entity beholden to no other entity...

They had to brazenly deplatform him using a lot of media spin tactics.

But these other personalities who are willing to make the mistake of signing contracts with corporate monopolies...

It's so much easier to deplatform them.
Never never never sign a damn contract...

The age of contracts is fucking over.
Dr DisRespect is extremely suspicious though...

His name is Herschel Beahm IV...


If anybody looked into that guy's family/lineage, it would be very clear to see why he is where he is today.
Regardless, he just got fucked hella hard, for some reason...

Why? Shrug.

Could be a case of family influence getting you in the door, then you turning on "them"...

If he started talking about conspiritard stuff that he wasn't supposed to, there's a chance he might have turned on his own kind.

But got shut down immediately for it.

That's him right there...

He's 6'8"...

He looks pure blooded.

You guys know it's all about the bloodlines and lineage, that's why the elites inbreed so much.

You can bet they don't want him stepping out of line, so if that's what happened, that's probably the reason he was instantly shut down.

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