Ryan Barnes YouTube Channel (offenseintended, the.barnesof18, RivalMaverick)
(07-03-2020, 05:01 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCMdx5UD0gN

She is gonna let the audience choose what facial piercing she gets when she reaches 5K followers on Instagram...



So yay, lucky us...

We're gonna get to watch this chick cover herself in regrettable tattoos and put a bunch of metal in her face while she continues to have a quarter life crisis in front of everyone on the internet.
I fucking hate piercings and tattoos.

It's not fucking cool anymore...

It's OVER.

That said...

What's done is done, isn't it?

She got a sleeve with a lot of reds and oranges in it... the hardest colors to have removed via laser.


She's gonna have that tattoo forever no matter what now... I will say something good about it, it's space themed and that is pretty cool.

If she had a whole bunch of space themed tattoos, maybe it'd be 5% less regrettable than tattoos people typically get.

But that's pretty much all the good I can say about it.

The general rule for tattoos?

Don't get any more.
Tattoo advice?

Stop now.

Sad to see young people so mislead, so preyed upon and so hurt by the absolute failure of society and the system. Probably a result of terrible parenting too, especially these days.
I've never seen this chick before clicking on this thread so I have no idea
what she looked like before but in the couple minutes of video I did sit through
her face looks a little masculine. Shape, structure. I have nothing to base that on
besides what it appears to be at present. I'm not saying there's anything wrong
with the way she looks, she's still very pretty, just some subtle "hmmms".
Dude I guarantee you, if she'd had her original voice and you saw her with her natural blonde hair and no wig or any crazy shit like that... that thought would have never entered your mind.

(07-03-2020, 02:50 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

10:55 ONE person donated A THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS to her GoFundMe.

Let that sink in.

That is the EPITOME of getting lucky.

The EPITOME of a "numbers game".

Sage Wanderer for example is another YouTuber who has a similar kinda supporter, and Sage is a burly old dude.

It has nothing to do with being a pretty female...

Absolutely nothing.

There are a lot of bitter basement dwelling soyboys out there who fucking despise women online because they think they make a bunch of money just for being pretty and doing absolutely nothing.

That is a lie perpetuated by weird bitter men with no game whatsoever, no attractive qualities, and no incentive for anyone to date them.

The truth is, pretty women online get basically nothing. At all.
(07-03-2020, 05:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAlMxYYDq8U

Wow, she looks totally different.
That's what she naturally looks like too.

Her hair?

She called it brown in one of her videos.

It's blonde.

She has no concept of what she even looks like.

And they give these kids hormones so their bodies can get altered forever...

No psychiatric therapy, no nothing.

Just go down to planned parenthood and they dole out the hormones just like they dole out birth control.
There are people who would literally kill to look like she does naturally.

Yet, these young people have no concept of who they are, of what life is about, or anything else...

And they are getting destroyed by the sick, heinous crimes against humanity perpetuated by the medical industrial complex.
"It is crucial that one does not make changes to their body before the age of 25..."


"Dumbfuck young people unhappy with themselves and ruining their lives..."


Just saying.
(07-03-2020, 02:50 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

17:20 she says she'll follow through on her promise of streaming naked because it's "a lot of money"...

While yeah, I agree it's a lot of money...

I personally wouldn't get naked on the internet for that much money.

It's not enough money to get naked on the internet for...


It's definitely not enough money for HER to get naked on the internet for, lmao!

Sooo yeah...

Her best bet?

Get the streaming setup, do a livestream naked but don't show anything.

Just make sure to tell everybody you're naked, make a big deal of the initial naked livestream...

Don't show ANY fucking actual nudity. Maybe tease nudity. And definitely be naked.

But don't show anything, and let the one stream speak for itself.

TECHNICALLY she will have followed through with the promise, and she doesn't even have to show anything.

For the amount of money she got? One stream is more than enough.
She absolutely should take full advantage of this...

If she can get a streaming or just regular video making setup and be consistent with her content...

She can quit her day job eventually and just work online.

She needs to roll out merch and all kinds of other shit along with it.

Get that fuckin' money from her audience on every front she possibly can.

Why? Because she got lucky. This will never happen for her again. Ever.

If she doesn't take advantage of it, it's a massive missed opportunity.

So I fully support her taking money from anybody willing to give it to her...

But I don't support the concept of getting nude for it and I think if she decided to go that route?

Shit would tumble downhill. Literally everyone is naked online these days and the returns are ever diminishing.

It's oversaturated and nobody cares anymore...

It's more unique to see a bitch online with her clothes on, not the other way around.

If she went the naked route 100%, the novelty would wear off and she'd see a downturn in interest far sooner than she naturally would if she just went the regular/respectable route, kept the clothes on, and made videos about things people can relate to.

Besides, in the end most of her audience will be female...

Chicks don't wanna fucking see you naked. Ever.
I know peepshows go back to the 60's or 70's but man, the fucking internet
has made the world so weird. In just about every way. I'm sure some people
have always been pretty weird but it's just been compounded by so many
exponential degrees by the three-dubya's.
(07-03-2020, 05:04 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: She got a sleeve with a lot of reds and oranges in it... the hardest colors to have removed via laser.


She's gonna have that tattoo forever no matter what now... I will say something good about it, it's space themed and that is pretty cool.

Fact is...

If we lived for thousands of years, the tattoos would eventually naturally fade away completely due to skin regeneration.

There could be other ways tattoos can be removed in the future.

But the future ain't here yet...

People need to stop making dumb decisions from TEMPORARY STATES OF MIND...

Those decisions can result in permanent changes/consequences.
Impulses can be bad, and they can be good.

When you're young and naive, they're usually bad.

It's common sense, we ain't reinventing the wheel here.
IMO, she's too lovely to do the full on nudity bullshit.

It's so cheap, everybody does it, even the chicks who are just SLIGHTLY alternative do it.


It's not special anymore.

You never see people the same again once you see 'em naked either.

It's not good.

It's way too soon in this chick's career to start doing the nudity thing...

Like IMPLIED nudity is fine.

That's what this all hinges on.

If she really wants to be edgy, then go for implied nudity. But never full on nudity.

It's just not good.
I think what's really interesting about this particular story is how quickly that shit escalated... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

She comes from out of fucking nowhere, from day 1 starting YouTube to one month later and she's gotten a ton of money and attention, getting naked in videos and promising to stream naked if she gets enough cash.




I usually don't pay any attention to ANY of these viral YouTubers, most popularized material on YT is just absolute trash.

But this one, I'm telling you, it's legendary.

It is a niche though which means it's kinda limited to its own corner of the internet.

The weird/quirky popular people side of YouTube.

I honestly can't give any more advice than I already have, I really think I've said it all.

Everybody deserves the best opportunities in life but...

It takes hanging around for a long, long year before you start to catch on that "lucky breaks" and "miracles" and all that kinda stuff are typically mathematical in nature.

They just don't happen very often. You may get only a handful of them over the whole span of your life, and this is why I tell people to take full advantage when they get opportunities like this.

A lot of people lose their shit and fumble and ruin the whole chance...

Like yeah, they get popular, but then they fucked it all up by making dumb choices.

I just try to help people not make dumb choices.

That's all I ever really care to do...

But one of the reasons it's really important that she doesn't show actual nudity is because that takes things to another level, it kind of gives the audience a certain permission.

This is only a problem if she's livestreaming and there's audience interaction.

It's just sorta dangerous cuz she's just too naive, and people will start bribing her or tricking her to do more inappropriate things.

Definitely a rabbit hole she wouldn't wanna go down...

I get the feeling she's an internet noob and has no concept of the shit that goes on with trolls and all kinds of other bad actors in chats and other community type sites.

I think generally it's pretty safe on YouTube, legit nudity is of course way against the rules, and while it can still be pretty bad, you're not typically gonna run into anything too horrible in the comments sections.

Twitch would be really safe too for streaming lowkey implied nudity. If nothing's showing, there's no problem. But real nudity is of course against Twitch rules.

As for OnlyFans or Patreon? I dunno if you can stream live there with audience interaction or not, but she absolutely shouldn't be streaming naked and showing anything on those platforms. Super bad idea for a plethora of reasons and people would donate on Patreon just to see more content from her in general.

I'd stay the fuck away from OnlyFans if I was her. A lot of these are "gateway sites" too... like gateway drugs. Bad influences and don't lead anywhere good.

I'd be streaming on Twitch and uploading vids on YouTube and streaming on YouTube as well. Maybe dedicate days of the week to streaming on one platform or the other.

Set up StreamLabs with their OBS and get your setup configured. Should take days to learn/figure out. You have to run tests with your setup too, so record yourself in your filming area and see if everything looks fine, and take advantage of hotkeys that kill the camera and mic just in case you have to get up, or cut a fart, etc.

It's actually a lot of fun and I spent weeks learning to use Streamlabs OBS and Twitch and perfected my streaming setup. Ultimately throughout the testing period, however, I concluded that streaming just wasn't for me and some people are just better on edited videos... nothing wrong with that.

I have discussed my dislike of livestreams at length...


They just take up too much time and being live/unedited is really just not that great.

It's all about efficiency. There is a lot of footage that can be edited out of a livestream to make it shorter, better quality, and take up less time for the viewer.

I urge people to be courteous.

If you're doing something crazy and high action, or if you're doing something where you need there to be a lot of witnesses, then fine, livestream your fuckin' llfe.

But if you are just sitting at home and being an entertaining presence and personality? There's no need for live videos.

That said, the way Twitch/Streamlabs works is that you get donations while you're livestreaming. That's kind of the entire point of the gamer livestreams and all that kinda stuff.

So if you don't livestream, you don't get that money and interaction with the audience. Is it important to you to interact with the audience?? I notice chatboxes are dumber than fuck on most popular livestreams... https://www.sectual.com/thread-17127.html

Is the portion of the audience that is gonna talk on your livestreams worth dealing with?? LOL... prolly not.

Sponsor deals, straight up donations, merch, selling stuff on your website, ad money... they're all possible with edited/pre-recorded videos. Not to mention Patreon.

Patreon is easy to please, mostly just post a cute selfie every now and then, post "behind the scenes footage" and outtakes from your main channel videos.

There's no need to be nude or even pander to that idea.
And if anybody thinks I'm being a douche by saying she'll never get this chance again, umm no...

That's just being REAL about it.

Go around and ask people if they make money on the internet and have a lot of followers on ANY social media...

Ummm, 90% of people don't get DIIIIIIICK from the fucking internet.


Not a fucking motherfucking thing... NOTHINGGGGG.

Most people GET NOTHINGGGGG from the internet.

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