Ryan Barnes YouTube Channel (offenseintended, the.barnesof18, RivalMaverick)
I wonder if it's true that new YouTubers are making longer videos and beating around the bush just cuz they're trying to rack up more watch hours so they can apply for monetization??
She needs to choose a better username to go by too.

Something unique like...

Maybe like go with a mystical, impish, elven theme.

Something whimsical maybe.

Or maybe like something space related.

Maybe like ElvenCosmos or WoodlandEmpress or something like that.
She definitely needs some prosthetic elf ears.

I haven't even watched 5 seconds of this video...

I just immediately scrolled down to the comments.

There are still shitloads of dudes in the comments section telling her not to do it!!!!!!!!!!


Fuck ANYONE who says all dudes suck... most dudes are awesome.

This is just common sense at the end of the day, and I'm glad to see that common sense isn't totally dead in society.

Lots of women in the comments discouraging any lewd acts too...

I'm proud of the way people have handled this chick and I see her as being out of the danger zone with her previous plan...

She'll be totally fine if she listens to the good advice in the comments, but that won't last forever.

Comments sections almost always get weird. It's rare to have a community where the comments section never goes south even once.

It just comes with the territory of online notoriety... most people can handle it. But this is sort of a rare moment in time when people come together and try to improve a situation.

I feel like her viewers so far have really stood up for what's best for her. I think she mistook the donations as being all about the promise she made, when really people were just showing support for her as a person.
Kinda fucked up that I'm not even subscribed to her but I still see it whenever she posts a new vid because YouTube plasters it all over the home page.

This is a good example of why people who suddenly blow up in popularity end up getting so huge...

Their vids are kinda forced on you after a while.

I don't think I'd wanna be in that position.
It's kinda suspicious too.
(07-03-2020, 09:53 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I wonder if it's true that new YouTubers are making longer videos and beating around the bush just cuz they're trying to rack up more watch hours so they can apply for monetization??

You know it boss!
I made it 1:20 into the video...

That voice... maaan...

*closes eyes, turns head slightly to the left and slowly shakes "No"...*
Yeah like keep in mind all these dudes are defending her and trying to save her even though she has a male sounding voice.

Their fucking hearts are in the right places and I gotta tell you, it's rare to see people do the right thing these days... they've absolutely done the right thing.

Most of the people telling her to go ahead and get naked were chicks...

Bad judgement!!!!!!!!!!!
TBH, I skip through her vids when I watch 'em... that or watch on double speed. Or both.

But I actually don't notice the voice thing after a little while... you actually do get used to it.
I don't say that in a mean-spirited way. It's just so... can't think of a word for it.
Dissimilar? to what I'm viewing. Just a little strange I guess. Glad there are people
giving her positive reinforcement. If she's only 20 then she's in a good position to
make it out of this alright, IF she doesn't jump into the wrong end of the pool.

Way hotter without the wig!
Wow! What a massive transformation by just ditching the wig.
Totally different human. Her face even looks more feminine.
I think the wig was just throwing everything way off.
She's a beautiful girl. Hope she makes it past all this.
She's crazy gorgeous.

I personally love short hair, so there's my bias.

I think her naturally lighter hair just looks better on her.

Looks like she cut it and dyed it, but it's not too intense or anything.

It's sorta edgy looking and she looks amazing.
how long is your hair now mister obvious ?

can I get a good hand full when you face down in the pillow ?



Well, her aesthetic was perfect for a day or so.

Hopefully those piercing holes fill in and don't show.

I don't know anything about piercings really...

I just know in some places the holes don't fill back in very well.

I don't like piercings.

She's such a beautiful girl and I just wish she'd stop changing things and just leave it alone.

13:50 Ryan is a good sport, I like her.

This is a video (second slide) which shows her at age 13 or so, she posted this so people could hear her original voice.

My thoughts?

What a lovely girl, so pretty.

There must be a whole lot of devastated, angry parents out there seeing their children being harmed by the medical/psychological industry, suffering permanent damage to their bodies and minds.

What a dark time for humanity. So heinous and depraved.

As for her voice...

Yeah she sounded more like a girl before...

It may seem odd to say, but I think her new voice is fine. Other than the way it was achieved (systematic abuse of an innocent by the psych/medical industrial complex), I don't see a problem with it.
Dude, what the hell.
it's their body, their responsability.
Stop obsessing about someone else's life and choices. Everyone is free to choose what to do with themselves...

Get a new hobby
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