Ryan Barnes YouTube Channel (offenseintended, the.barnesof18, RivalMaverick)
(09-28-2020, 09:24 AM)Guest Wrote: Everyone is free to choose what to do with themselves...

You must be a youngster!

Oh to be naive again.


If someone is gonna jump off a cliff, NOBODY SAY ANYTHING!

It's THEIR choice.

Group Hug
BTW, this is site is 18+ only...

If you're under that age, please leave.

I would say anybody til about the age of 25 is capable of saying some dumb shit like this because they've never suffered any serious consequences in life from their actions yet...

Society preys upon young people like this because they're naive and don't grasp the scope of the consequences of their choices.

Especially those made which alter the body.

Very sad.

There's a lot of lifelong pain that can follow stupid choices made in youth.

Physical and emotional pain that could have been avoided.

And a lot of times it could have been avoided if someone with a few brain cells to rub together would have spoken up and sent out a warning.

Letting people do whatever they want because "it's their life" or "it's their body" is not caring about others...

It's the exact opposite.
So Guest, what you've told me today is that, in fact, you do not care about others.

Work on that...

I'm sure there's still plenty of time in your life.

And it'd be best for you to remember this advice today...

It'll help you out sometime when you're about to do something dumb that will bring you a lot of pain.
(09-28-2020, 09:24 AM)Guest Wrote: it's their body

BTW... Ryan identifies as a female now, so respect her chosen pronouns.
(09-28-2020, 10:42 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: sent out a warning.

That reminds me! I meant to post something in another thread a couple days ago
and God only knows why I didn't. My multitask game is suhlippin yo! lol
Mister obvious. The way you post in this thread makes you come off as unhealthily obsessed with this youtuber. It might be time to do some self reflection to address the personal issues you have that makes you want to act this way.
OMG thanks.
You're one of the least obnoxious in the way you addressed this, so I'm not even being 100% sarcastic.

But no, I'm not obsessed with Ryan...

I'm not subbed to her and I don't watch her anymore.

Every now and then I remember she exists and I click onto her channel to see if there's anything that interests me in any of the titles.

Nothing lately though.

That's the nature of these things, as I discussed with the 15 minutes of fame aspect...

It always takes a prompt dive just as quickly as it started.

Whatever audience you garner in that first 15 minutes is going to be all that sticks with you. Or at least a certain percentage of it. Maybe like 50% on the high end.
So like 50% of the audience you amass out of a viral video for the first couple months may stick with you on down the line.

But over the years, they'll fall away for whatever reason...

They forget about you, lose their account and thus all their subs, life happens, etc. etc.

Years later you'll be left with 25% of the people who initially followed you (and cared), on the high end.

I've been on YouTube since 2005 and anyone who's been around that long knows how this works.
I'm sure if you look at Ryan's channel stats/graphs, you'll see the decline has probably already been going on for a while now.

It'll plateau and never go anywhere major again.

The cool thing about this example of me always being right is that it only takes a few months to see it on paper.

I'm just being honest... a lot of people want to feign being humble yet they're completely full of themselves and look down on everyone else.

What they don't have going for them is being right basically all the time.
I can think of a few examples of YouTubers who went viral and their peak seemed to last for damn near a year...

I don't think that's the case with Ryan's channel, different people, different variables.

Her material is sort of niche, whereas the more general YouTuber examples I can think of were captivating on a lot of fronts, as well as being individually intriguing.

That's not to say Ryan isn't interesting. To a lot of people I'm sure she is.

The bulk of this thread was penned during her 15 minutes when, really, all I sought to do was give advice, to ANYONE (especially females) who may read it and deal with a viral/attention situation in the future.

The takeaway from this thread is basically, use that 15 minutes wisely, and FFS, just please don't get naked.
(10-07-2020, 02:43 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: The takeaway from this thread is basically, use that 15 minutes wisely, and FFS, just please don't get naked.

No, really...

I look at the stats for my site re: Google search and I've noticed that 90% of the people who find this thread on Google were searching "Ryan Barnes naked"...

These people are pure trash and want absolutely nothing but to delight in somebody else's bad choices.

Due to a lot of people telling Ryan that she shouldn't get naked (thank God for them), she avoided being fed on by these sorry fucks and I don't think anyone with a few brain cells to rub together would ever consider that a bad thing.
Now she's changed her channel name to RivalMaverick...

Whatever that means.

She'll probably change it three or four more times over the next year.

I found this out LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER I found out Adalina Bonn changed her name back to her birth name...


Women are honestly completely insane and it's so fucking obnoxious.

I feel so bad for men having to deal with us...

It's worse in the 21st century than it's ever been before, and it's all because of brainwashing in the media.

This is a totally broken, failed society.
Full of idiots.
I'm not even gonna bother to edit the thread title to whatever made up name she fancies next...

But I will say that with each rebranding, you just start the process of losing attention and shaving interest off your viewerbase faster than it even normally happens.

After she rebrands a few more times because the identity of the month doesn't suit her anymore, the disintegration of her popularity will be a lot worse than it would have been if she just kept her original name.

There was nothing wrong with her original name... Ryan was cute for a girl or a guy.

She'll eventually lose the fake identities altogether and go back to whatever the hell her birth name was to begin with, like Adalina/Rebecca did.

I'm tired of these people constantly fucking themselves.
(10-13-2020, 03:36 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: After she rebrands a few more times because the identity of the month doesn't suit her anymore, the disintegration of her popularity will be a lot worse than it would have been if she just kept her original name.

Not to mention the fact that it's gonna tire people out and start making them question her stability.
They'll still be nice and kiss her ass in the comment section, but eventually they'll just unplug.

It'll take her a few years to look back and see what happened.

But at the rate she's going, it will definitely all play out within 2 years.

From the beginning, to the peak, to the plateau, to the decline and then the normal far less active/engaging baseline that it'll ultimately be...

Couple years tops.
Public service announcement...

For any mindless sheep followers of this chick who find this thread in the future and want to chime in about how I'm "obsessed" or "need to get a life" or whatever other white knight retardation you wanna come up with to needlessly defend your idol against random online commentary that isn't even mean-spirited...

Please preemptively shut the fuck up and fuck off.

And don't even pretend you didn't find this thread because you were desperately searching for nude pics in the first place, you fucking leeches.

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