Ryan Barnes YouTube Channel (offenseintended, the.barnesof18, RivalMaverick)
(12-25-2020, 12:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: And the depravity of humanity should never be underestimated...

At this point, I'd be very suspicious of the people who are cheering her on.

There are mindless followers, and then there are those who delight in seeing others suffer.

There are entire immensely popular pornography genres built upon seeing women in pain.

Degradation, torture, etc. Some forms of this material are the most viewed on porno sites.

She's on an extremely dangerous path for more reasons than can even be listed and it's time those in her personal life start speaking up about it.

Not listening to a bunch of random strangers on the internet (regardless of how good their intentions may be) is understandable...

But if you're not gonna listen to loved ones, family, friends in your personal life, then there's a serious problem.

Her mom was in one of her videos and she didn't seem to be opposing Ryan's actions at all...

This girl doesn't need acceptance from her family over her decisions. She needs an intervention.

If my daughter (or sister, etc.) was doing this kind of shit to her body...

I'd be devastated, and I'd definitely be letting her know about it.
This is a matter of unaddressed psychological/emotional trauma...

Not a personal style choice.

Nothing will get better until the underlying issues are addressed.
My guess?

She's doing these horrifically disrespectful things to her body because sometime, somewhere along the way, someone (who knows who) disrespected her body and harmed her...

And subconsciously (or otherwise), she thinks this is what she deserves.
What she deserves is to live a happy, healthy life, free of any type of suffering...

And to be surrounded by family and friends who care enough to check in with her, see deeper than just the surface of her actions and choices, and do their level best to make sure she is going to be okay.
SOMEONE in her personal life (family, longtime friend, etc.) needs to grow a pair and have a serious talk with Ryan.

They need to ask her whether or not at any point in time someone has hurt her, abused her, taken away her personal power, trespassed against her in a serious way such as molestation/rape or any other type of physical assault.

There is a CAUSE of this behavior, and people need to wake the fuck up to that truth. Someone who actually knows her needs to help her right now.
It's also possible that she may have been a victim of emotional abuse...

But with such severe acting out as she's doing right now, I think it probably had to be more severe and tangible than mental abuse.
Not to downplay mental abuse... it can be absolutely terrible, and if that's the cause, then at least that's a starting point to getting some help.
But you can be sure...

Ryan is NOT okay.

She is crying out for help, and so far, it doesn't look like anyone is responding.

Perhaps it's ignorance...

Maybe they just don't understand that these are manifestations of much deeper problems she needs help with.

But they need to get a clue...

(12-25-2020, 01:04 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: SOMEONE in her personal life (family, longtime friend, etc.) needs to grow a pair and have a serious talk with Ryan.

It's Eugenia Cooney all over again.

I wish everyone could have a kind, empathetic friend like MO to talk some sense into them.
Yeah there are a lot of Eugenia Cooney parallels here at the heart of it...

Parents who seem oblivious, mindless social media cheerleaders who would clap excitedly while you jump off a cliff because it's part of your "personal expression"...

A deteriorating mental and physical state paraded on the internet while genuinely concerned onlookers warn of the obvious disaster ahead.

I don't like watching trainwrecks...

But what I do like is being a voice of truth shouting from the mountain tops as loud as I can in hopes that it might make a difference somehow.
Unfortunately, this is sounding like a case of "have to learn the hard way". Thaaat's gonna be an ouchie.
Nobody is giving her constructive criticism: just a bunch of lonely virgin guys who want to get laid complimenting.
Yeah she's definitely got an echo chamber going on with her community...

It's dangerous because it just isn't realistic or based in anything concrete.

They don't know her, they don't have to take care of her or worry about her like her family and real friends.

So what's it to them if they cheer her on into a bunch of bad life decisions just because they're afraid to say anything negative, otherwise they'll be blocked or she just won't like them.


I care way more about warning people whenever I see potentially dangerous situations than I care about whether they like me or not.

I just took a look at her channel and here's her newest vid...

It's just crazy to me how now she's playing up the femininity to the maximum...

This is how much people can change in the course of a few very short years...

And this is why decisions with permanent consequences are bad.

She'll be 40 more people before it's over with...

Just hoping she doesn't keep making changes to her body that she'll regret, or that don't go along with whoever she wants to be in the future.
The thing is...

It's VERY common for young women to go through all these phases and finally sort of find themselves eventually in the late 20s or early 30s (HOPEFULLY).

Style changes out the wazoo, beliefs/opinions going in every direction, never can make up your mind, and it's all VERY temporary.

That's why I discourage tattoos or any other type of permanent body modification before the age of 25 at the least...

But now I'm like raising that age limit to 30 because I think even after 25 it's still easy to make huge fucking mistakes out of ignorance.

Life is tough, and young people need to be made aware of how seriously they should be taking their health, their bodies, and their minds... because if they respect, maintain, and care for these things, they will have an easier life with much less pain.
Parents are letting the internet raise their children these days, and this is what happens.

Instead, they need to be neck deep in their kids' business until they are 18 and the kid either leaves, or remains in the family home.

As long as they're in the family home, in my opinion, it is for their absolute benefit that their parents incessantly try to find out what they're into, what they're thinking about, what their vision for the future is, etc. so that problems can be sussed out and avoided entirely (best case scenario).
Comment from the above posted video...

Quote:FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
13 hours ago

how you manage to become a different person each month?

It's because she doesn't know who the fuck she is, and she's desperately trying to figure it out.

I know what it's like to be pulled in 100 different directions trying to understand who you are, shedding skins, changing like a chameleon...

I am 100% one of those people, and I'm older than Mav. She's done WAY crazier shit than I've ever done, already, and yet I still see the similarities between us...

And dammit, it's my duty as someone who's walked this path to 'flash my headlights' at oncoming travelers and warn 'em to be careful or better yet, just take another path.
(04-29-2021, 10:39 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Comment from the above posted video...

It's because she doesn't know who the fuck she is, and she's desperately trying to figure it out.

That almost gave me a stiffy. That could be the most needed truthful statement ever to have been written.
If females would just read this when they wake up every morning the world may be a better place.
Just sayin.
Turtles in my heart and soul.

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