Ryan Barnes YouTube Channel (offenseintended, the.barnesof18, RivalMaverick)


So this is a channel belonging to a BIOLOGICAL FEMALE. She's no older than 20, thought she was trans a couple years ago, went to PLANNED PARENTHOOD and was given MALE HORMONES without even so much as a MENTAL EVALUATION beforehand.

The hormones, of course, permanently deepened her voice, caused other bodily changes (she has to shave her face) and those changes are permanent.

She moved away to a town where no one knew her so she could start her "new life" as a male.

Then, unsurprisingly, a year and a half or so into her "transition" she realized she of course is not actually trans, so she detransitioned.

She threw on a wig and bam, she's back to being a girl.

From her Instagram:




And yes, she legally changed her name to "Ryan" so now she's stuck with that too.

Moral of the story??

They gave this girl, a self-professed VIRGIN who knows absolutely FUCKING NOTHING WHATSOEVER about her own damn sexuality because she has ZERO experience on ANY LEVEL...


For fucking NOTHING.

She's still young and cute, so she can get past this. She can still wrangle up some dudes to choose from. But think about how many lives have been DESTROYED by these sick evil pill pushing fucks who are SO QUICK to give people these damaging hormones?? Think about how many people can't get any semblance of their normal lives back now. It's horrible.


Now she's BLOWING UP on YouTube after she made her detransitioning video:

She's gained shitloads of subscribers and I can tell by the channel growth at this stage, she'll be to 100K within a year if it doesn't turn into a blatant trainwreck and get deleted before then.

What's she doing now??

Well, now she's posting prettymuch exclusively 30 minute videos sharing more of her thoughts/opinions and showing that she is still totally naive, has nooooo idea what the fuck life is about or what the hell to do with it...

And she's frankly slowly losing her mind in front of us.

We've seen it 1000 times.

She thinks she's "asexual" and "aromantic" but really she's just young and dumb... no offense, but she is way too young and totally inexperienced to know fuck all about her sexuality. I have seen women get into this "asexual" phase and keep it up into their 20s. It really is a shame...

A result of likely sexual trauma that took place early on in their lives and they never got any help for it, the trauma was never dealt with, etc. Life at that age should be enjoyed, I'm not saying be a ho... but I am saying, maybe a couple of flings with guys your own age wouldn't be a bad idea.

So WTF is she doing now??

Well, she's in a WHIRLWIND of acceptance and adoration from the internet (rofl) and now she thinks the best thing to do is STREAM NAKED and start an ONLYFANS page!!!

Now, to be fair, I don't think the streaming naked thing is even a bad idea. I just don't think she should actually SHOW anything. I just think she should be naked and tell everybody she's naked, but keep it off camera. Hell, I've thought about doing that myself!

But the OnlyFans thing...

On one hand I think it's kinda brilliant to capitalize on the traffic right out of the gate and try to get that money...

On the other hand though, there are even dudes in the comments section telling her to slow down and think about this shit before she does it.

When there are DUDES in the comments section telling you to MAYBE not post nudes, MAYBE think about it before you jump into online sex work face first...

Maybe you should REEEEALLLLYYYY, really, really think about that shit before you do it.
I'll tell you what I truly think, as a woman...

I think a girl like that is a PERFECT example of exactly what the fuck I was talking about in this thread:

"Women NEED to be controlled by a good man to keep them from doing stupid shit"

A damn virgin...

My God.


Because she thought she was THE OPPOSITE GENDER...

On a SPUR OF THE MOMENT misunderstanding from some STUPID SHIT (probably straight up propaganda) she read on the internet about trannies...


Gave her male hormones and fucked up her body.

Who knows what else it did to her that she doesn't talk about.

A year on male hormones is nothing to shake a stick at.

It's fucking sick and it needs to stop...

"Popularizing 'Changing' Of Children's Sex Has Been The Darkest Era In Medical History"


She wants to waste a bunch of money and further damage her body with tattoos too.

Bad choices left and right here...

Tattoos and all this other deranged, self-abusive shit is going way out of style.

I think this girl is way behind the trends.

The trans shit is going out of style too...

None of that shit is gonna be looked at fondly within a few years from now.

It's going to be looked back on as a very sad, dark time in humanity when countless people were permanently damaged.
And the trans thing specifically??

A HIGH death toll on that one.

The consequences of the medical industry ruining lives with their hormones and operations...

Well, they have been dire. They've cost many lives.
Tattoos? Regrettable as fuck. Horrible idea, don't ever do it, here's why: https://www.sectual.com/thread-4515-post...l#pid34332

But the death toll on that one is nowhere near as high as with the trans shit.
Leading young, dumb (naive) people astray is one of the worst sins there are.
And I really think this girl specifically is a lot more naive than girls her age even usually are.

There's an especially high level of arrested development here...

But it looks like it's come to a head and now she's going nuts and trying to break through.

Like a situation of "sowing wild oats" or something like that.

Like a quarter life crisis.

It's kind of a dangerous time for her...

At least she appears to only be acting out on the internet though...

That'll keep her safer and cleaner than doing it in real life.

What's put on the net stays forever though and if she starts putting nudes out there, it'll follow her around.

Like some of the commenters said... she needs to fucking chill and take some time to think about things.
If she really does go straight into the internet sex worker shit, they'll eat her alive...

She's gonna get eaten alive anyways, being a totally inexperienced literal fucking virgin.

Her willingness to go the "OnlyFans" route and start doing naked shit is only gonna accelerate the process.

She should move down to Utah and find a nice Christian fella her age or a few years older and start a family.

Pretty sure she lives in Washington state, or Idaho or something... total shithole, I'd be relocating to Utah.
For the love of all things sacred, what I really hope for her is that she doesn't meet any internet creepsters in real life, lmao.

Even with the info she's shared already, there's blood in the water...

The sharks are coming.

She's gonna get totally repulsed and freaked out by everything she starts experiencing online if she goes the "OnlyFans" stupid porno route.

Agh, so dumb.

My guess is she'll probably end up deleting her channel and ALL of her pages.

Then she'll totally regret that too.

That's what happens to a lot of these people who rise to prominence on YouTube from out of nowhere.

They get tons of subs super fast, have no concept of how hard it is to actually get subs for 90% of everybody else out there.

They think it must be easy cuz it landed in their lap...

Then some stupid shit happens, they delete their channel and all their pages on a whim...

Then a year later or less, they wanna come back, only there's nothing to come back to, and then they find out how hard it really is to get any fucking notoriety online whatsoever.

What she really needs to do is manage the popularity wisely, just keep making normal, non-naked content, get a damn Patreon like everybody else, and just fucking leave it at that.
(07-03-2020, 02:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I'll tell you what I truly think, as a woman...

I think a girl like that is a PERFECT example of exactly what the fuck I was talking about in this thread:

"Women NEED to be controlled by a good man to keep them from doing stupid shit"

"Girls NEED to have guidance by a good dad to keep them from doing stupid shit"

Boys need a good dad too, but males tend to do whatever they want at a certain age
and even good dads may not be able to help them (boys) from doing stupid shit.

Girls typically, will continue to seek a good dad's advice when boys start doing whatever they want.
So TD;LR she made a GoFundMe with a goal of $1500 saying she'd stream naked if the goal was met...

She thinks $1500 is enough to buy a good streaming setup, including a computer I guess? No idea.

A good gaming PC would cost about that much.



Three thousand fucking dollars.

The easiest $3K she's ever made in her life.

ALL because she got a popular video on YouTube. ONE popular video, that's it.

Then the algorithm keeps recommending her from that one video.

So it IS ALL because she had a "viral" video on YouTube.

That is the ONLY reason.

If she'd come out of nowhere, had never had a viral video, and just started a YouTube channel with the typical 100 or so views you get per video if you're LUCKY...

She wouldn't have raised more than like $5. I guarantee you that.

I just hope she doesn't get it in her head that it really is this easy to get money on the internet just because you're a non-ugly female.

It isn't.

She got LUCKY.


She better use this time wisely.
Wow, her voice. HRT did that in a year? Damn.
She's acting all apprehensive now that she got so much more money than her original goal...

First of all, that's gonna go over like a lead balloon.

Taking peoples' money and then not fulfilling whatever you said it was ACTUALLY ABOUT is a fast way to make the internet hate you.



Sooo yeah...

She needs to take that money and buy a gaming PC and "streaming setup" (whatever the fuck that means, I guarantee you she has no idea)...

And AT LEAST start streaming.

That's the minimum of what she needs to do.

Then if she hates streaming (she probably will) then she can just stop after a while.

Technically she will have delivered ENOUGH on her promise so as to not get roasted to a crisp by the internet for taking money.
(07-03-2020, 04:34 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: Wow, her voice. HRT did that in a year? Damn.

That change happens in way less than a year, and yes, it is permanent.
A minute and a half of the first video. Dang.
Hard to believe she was born female listening to her.
Poor kid.
Comment I left on her vid:

Quote:You got lucky with one viral video on YouTube. That is where all of this momentum has come from. No one (no matter how pretty) gets lucky like that... 90% of the time you will spend years trying to build an audience online and never even get to half of what you've already been handed. Do not be fooled into thinking this kind of success is a typical experience for people. It's not. You got lucky. Buy a gaming setup, fulfill your promise to stream... you don't have to be naked. Just getting the streaming going is good enough for honoring your promise. Use this popularity and this "15 minutes of fame" wisely because you will never make money this easily online ever again.

Protect what you are receiving right now, be smart, use it wisely. Just get a Patreon like everyone else. Don't do nudity. Be nice to your fans. Use this blessing you've been given wisely, keep making content regularly, and you will probably keep getting income. But don't ever think it would have happened if you hadn't gone viral... the idea that pretty women get money online for nothing is an absolute myth.
Hopefully she'll take all positive feedback into consideration.
(07-03-2020, 04:46 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: But don't ever think it would have happened if you hadn't gone viral... the idea that pretty women get money online for nothing is an absolute myth.

100% absolute truth.

I've been making videos on YouTube for years, in a variety of styles.

Long hair, short hair, makeup, no makeup, skimpy clothes, hippie attire, covered up, not covered up...

I have never gotten anything.

Absolutely nothing whatsoever...

Not a single dime.

That would be the one thing I'd tell any female who goes viral on YouTube, and gets a large following handed to them...

You got lucky, and you will never see this kind of success again, so don't fuck it up.

I discussed this in depth on the Adalina Bonn thread: https://www.sectual.com/thread-11093-pos...#pid114400

She is gonna let the audience choose what facial piercing she gets when she reaches 5K followers on Instagram...



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